Monday, 2 March 2015

Emwazi is NOT "Kindly Natured" He is a Cowardly Murderer

This weekend I’ve been shocked at the level of support for the so called “kindly natured” Mohammed Emwazi, aka “Jihadi John”.

Friday morning on ITV News a representative came on to speak about Emwazi, almost in an effort to give the Jihadi an excuse for his extreme, and terrorist actions.

“He came to us after he felt he was being harassed by the security services; he felt there was pressure being put on him and he couldn’t carry on with his ordinary life.
We advised him to go to his MP, the IPCC - he was very, very willing to engage with the system to try and get his name cleared. He sent letters to embassies as to why he was being barred, he tried as much as he could to work through the system.”

He also went to put some blame on the secret services for aiding in Emwazi’s radicalisation.
Now, maybe it’s just me, but surely there were reasons why the secret services were “harassing” Emwazi?  Surely the fact that Emwazi is now in Syria beheading innocent journalists and aid workers is proof that they had reasons for their “harassing”?

Apparently not as, one friend came out to say he was “kindly natured”. I, personally, don’t describe someone who beheads, or burns people alive and records it “kindly natured”.

I consider someone who is “kindly natured” is rather more like Emwazi’s victim Alan Henning, a taxi driver from Manchester who went out to Syria to help the Syrian people, what does Emwazi do? 
Records his beheading, sends it out for anyone to watch and blames someone else.

I consider Emwazi a pathetic coward, hiding in a desert hundreds of miles away, beheading and burning innocent people all in the name of Islam.

I also feel sorry for all the Muslims ISIS, and Emwazi, have killed to score political points. All the women and children they have, and are burying alive.

Emwazi is NOT the victim. Those who have been brutally tortured, and then murdered are the victims. Those who have watched loved ones get beheaded or burnt alive are the victims.
Those who are watching their children or parents be buried alive are the victims.

So to people like Russell Brand. No I will not take responsibility for Emwazi, or any other lunatic who thinks ISIS are the way forward. 

Emwazi will know he is the only one responsible for his actions. Not me, nor anyone else. I did not press record, nor did I hold the knife, nor did I start cutting heads off as if I was carving the family Sunday roast.

Emwazi is a brutal cowardly murderer, nothing more, nothing less.