Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Where's The Justice?

Justice in the UK needs a change, a radical change.

In the search for missing 16 year old Becky Watts, the police have today announced that they have found body parts in a house in Bristol. A further 3 men, and one woman have been arrested.

If these people are found guilty what punishment will they receive?

15 – 30 years? Let out early for good behavior? Hardly a grueling punishment for taking someone else’s life, especially someone as young as Becky Watts.

How many children have been killed at the hands of their guardians, yet the social services walk away free, despite glaringly obvious indications of abuse.

Victoria Climbie 9, Baby P (Peter Connelly) 17 months, and Daniel Pelka 4. Only the perpetrators got jailed, not those who were sent out to make sure this never happened.

Then there’s cases such as James Bulger, horrifically murdered on the train tracks in Bootle Liverpool, by two 10 year old boys. Jon Venables, and Robert Thompson.

Both boys were placed into a detention centre for children, and were released in 2001 after serving 8 years.

Not one year of their sentence was carried out in an adult prison, despite the ferocity of their crime.
Jon Venables was later imprisoned for having indecent pictures of child porn on his computer, he served a further three years, and is once again walking our streets.

Udring his time in prison, Venables even had the audacity to ask for a larger TV screen in his cell, as his eyes were struggling to see the football on the screen he already had.

Where’s the punishment?

Beverley Allitt, a nurse from Grantham, murdered 4 children back in 1991, and caused grievous bodily harm to 6 other children.

Instead of having her sentence carried out in a normal prison, she was diagnosed with Munchhausen syndrome by proxy, a mental disorder where you hurt others in order to gain attention as the carer, she is now in Rampton Security Hospital. 

If the UK ever captured the three girls who've ran off to Syria to join ISIS, what will their punishment be for joining the terrorist group? Or will there be any punishment at all?

Mohammed Emwazi has a lot of fans, especially the help group Cage, claiming the secret services are partly to blame for his radicalisation.

Something Cage seem to miss is that Emwazi has beheaded four different people, one of whom was Alan Henning, an aid worker from Manchester, who dropped everything to out to Syria and help the people.

I hope these people in ISIS are caught by either the Jordanian or American authorities, as they know how to punish, on the other hand we make sure that their human rights haven’t been violated, instead of concentrating on the awful crimes they've committed, and making sure they suffer for it.

If ever there was one punishment that has proven to be effective, it’s Myra Hindley, she didn't want to die behind bars, but in 2002 she died in prison, where she belonged.

But again, her partner in crime, Ian Brady, deserves nothing more than to be hanged. He’s enjoyed the limelight of being in prison since the day he entered their walls.

From hunger strikes, to false hopes of giving up the secret hiding place of Keith Bennett , the last child not to have been found. His poor mother, Winnie, died without burying her son, all to the amusement of Brady.

Where’s the justice for the Bennett family? 

Where’s the justice for James Bulger and his family? 

Where’s the justice for the families of Beverley Allitt’s victims? 

Where’s the justice for the victims beheaded in Syria?

 Where’s the justice for Victoria Climbie, Baby P, and Daniel Pelka?

Where will the justice be for Becky Watts, and her family?

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