Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The West Is A Bully, But Not Evil

Read an article last night, claiming that ISIS are no more evil than the West, or other Middle Eastern regimes such as the Assad regime.

For me the Middle East is one big terrorist.

Saudi Arabia, which is meant to be one of the progressive countries, doesn't allow women to drive, kills homosexuals, and tortures anyone who isn't of Muslim faith.

Syria are chemical bombing their own people.

Every single Middle Eastern country has a law claiming that homosexuality is illegal, and the punishment you receive for being gay? Death.

God knows what else they're up to, but all the Middle Eastern countries have their spin offs trying overthrow the governments such as:

Boko Haram
Al Qaeda
The Taliban

Are just to name a few. All of whom, rape women and young girls. Kill people for not being the right type of Muslim.
Kill people for being different religion. Burying women and children alive. Burning men in cages, beheading aid workers and journalists. Crucifying men to make a political statement. Shoot people over a cartoon.

They're just as bad, if not worse, than the current regimes they're trying to over throw.

But is the West really as bad? Really?

Here's a few differences between the West, and the Middle East:

1. Freedom of Speech
2. Free health care
3. Abolition of the death penalty (UK & Europe)
4. Rights for women
5. Rights for children
6. Workers rights
7. Health and Safety (Sometimes a tad OTT)
8. Votes for women
9. You will NOT be killed by your government for being gay/ lesbian, bisexual/ transgender
10. You will NOT be killed by your government for having different religious beliefs
11. You will NOT be killed by your government for voting against them
12. Union representation (whether you agree with them or not, they have served a purpose in the past)
13. If imprisoned you have the right to appeal
14. We can hold our government to account (by voting them out)

Before you start implicating that the West is just as bad as the Middle East, and terrorists such as ISIS, remember what we have, and we've fought for before claiming such bold statements.

Is the West a bully? Yes, but as bad a the Middle Eastern bullies? No, not even comparable. No one here beheads someone like they're carving the family Sunday roast.

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