Sunday, 29 March 2015

Tories Are Not Losing Power

There's a common myth about the Tories at the moment.

"They're the party of England!" or "They're the party of the South East."

Well, maybe not now.

Since the Scottish Referendum, and the brilliance of MSP Ruth Davidson, Scottish Tory leader, the Conservatives have noticed a slow, but steady, increase back up in Scotland.

Where as it's Labour who are declining in Scotland, and a rather steep decline, all thanks to the Scottish independence referendum.

SNP, however, is left wing so many in the Labour camps don't see this as a problem. I'm sure the Scottish people do. Especially as the Shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls, has said he won't reverse any Tory cuts, yet most of the people who have Labour did so because they wanted a proper alternative to the Tories, instead the SNP will back Miliband and Balls, who will change nothing.

Poor people of Scotland, getting more or less the same with the SNP, as they are with Labour, and let's face it the Conservatives.

Also, out of the leaders, David Cameron is preferred to than Ed Miliband.... are Labour sailing down the famous river? Denial?

Then there's the national polls, Tories are marginally beating Labour. An in government Tory party is beating an opposition Labour party, how bad do you have to be in opposition to be beaten by Conservatives who are in government?

Labour are a shambles. Ed Miliband trying to be "Hell yeah!" and cool is not what this country needs, we did that with Tony Blair, and look where it got us?

We need a leader who will make difficult decisions, stand up to those in the EU who see us as canon fodder, and make sure we are heard.

If we vote Ed Miliband in, we'll become a laughing stock of a nation, just like in the 1970's, but instead of Britain being bought to it's knees by the unions, it'll be down to Ed Miliband "Hell yeah!" weakness as a leader.

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