Wednesday, 30 November 2016

What A Week (Almost)

It's only Wednesday and already so much has happened with the world of politics.

At the beginning of the week, left wing dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, died at the age of 90.

The "grief" that the left declared for the now dead dictator was, well to be honest, boringly predictable.

Firstly, Fidel Castro was a dictator who overthrew a dictator, Fulgencio Batista (who actually had was elected as a Democratic Socialist but don't let the left know that).

So here's Castro's wonderful socialist legacy laid bare:

1. You (Cuban's) can't travel/ leave Cuba without the governments approval
2. Move houses without government permission
3. Change your job without the government's approval
4. Have access to internet
5. All TV stations, and radio stations are owned by the government
6. All books, newspapers, magazines etc are owned by the government
7. Not allowed to own a business of your own (unless approved by the government)
8. There is only one union, which is owned by the government (no strikes, no bargaining, no protests)
9. There is only one political party, which is the Cuban Communist Party, which of course of was led      by Castro, and now his brother Raul Castro (who also has never been elected)
10. You're not allowed to criticise Castro or the regime
11. If you were found to be gay you were killed or imprisoned (then again Castro's friends in the Soviet Union didn't like homosexuals either blaming being gay on capitalism.)

Basically any freedoms you had before Castro were totally eradicated, even breathing I'm sure they see as right they can take away from the Cuban people.

That's not been the only thing to happen this week, at last it looks like UKIP have a leader who will stick around a little longer than 18 days, Paul Nuttall.

Paul Nuttall said in his victory speech that he will be targeting Labour strong hold seats, clever move as Brexit won in working class Labour strong hold areas.

We all know Labour's thoughts on immigration, it's fine as it is, despite the fact that we have a huge housing shortage for the people already here let alone the ones who want to come here.

Now I am no fan of Nuttall, I think he's quite vile, again his feeling towards the LGBT community is rather backwards, as well as his thoughts towards immigrants.

However he must have hit a nerve because a day after his victory Owen Jones, a huge Corbyn fan, has already made a video saying how unpatriotic Nuttall is.

Why has Owen Jones been rattled? Because his mate, and leader of the Labour Party, can't be seen anywhere, well except once a week on PMQ's.

Where has Corbyn gone? What is he doing? Has he forgotten he's the leader of the opposition? Is he on holiday?

If Labour continue their deafening silence UKIP will win, and the only person to blame will be Corbyn himself.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Want To Know Why Trump Won?

It's simple.

He didn't try and be cool by doing the "mannequin" challenge, he didn't have celebrity endorsements, he didn't speak the political jargon, and he said a lot things that ordinary American's felt.

He isn't part of a political dynasty, such as the Clinton's/ Obama's or even the Kennedy's.

When it comes to voting people don't care what singers, actors, novelists, news anchors, or anyone who just happens to be famous thinks.

They don't care if the candidate has celebrity friends, they don't care if you want be called "Dave" or "Tony".

They don't care if you like popular music, or can play an instrument, or are a good singer.

People don't want a "cool" President, or even Prime Minister.

They want someone who will get on the job, who doesn't care for opinion polls because they're too busy leading the country.

By no means am I saying that Donald Trump will be the most pragmatic leader, but he isn't cool, he isn't worried about how he looks (if he was he'd do something about his hair!), and he will make decisions without worrying about people's feelings.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why I Don't Regret #Brexit

I don't regret voting to leave, and here's why.

Yes the pound has fallen, it'll get back up, we all know it, the EU knows it, and so do companies.

However, we are now out of the most undemocratic "union" that has ever existed.

How is it logical, or fair that we could veto the decision of one the countries, despite the will of it's people?

How is it logical or fair that there is no face to the EU? For instance immigration was obviously a big problem in for some in Britain.

Did they listen to our concerns? No. Did they offer us anything that remotely gave into our concerns? No.

What did we do? We voted to leave. Why? Because the EU couldn't careless about what Joe Blogs thinks or feels, or even cares for.

Our MP's wanted us to stay because it meant once their time in Westminster was over, they could have a nice cushty job in the EU, with a better salary, and possibly, if it's even possible, more benefits to them.

What exactly were we voting for when we voted for our MEPs? I'm not sure, I don't know what their uses were other than the odd jibe from people like UKIP's Nigel Farage.

What do MEPs do? What is their purpose?

To me they looked like a bunch of money wasters, and I blame the EU for that.

Parties, such as UKIP, who hardly turned up to the European Parliament, received shed loads of money for having that many MEPs.

I don't regret Boris Johnson making an arse of himself, by pretending he wanted a Brexit situation, when we all know he wanted, and expected, was for us to remain.

I don't regret Micahel Gove not getting anywhere the Tory leadership.

I don't regret making our politicians, who we have voted for, 100% responsible for absolutely everything that happens in our country, once again.

I like knowing it's Theresa May who will either be to blame, or to applaud for out exit of the EU.

Not some faceless "union" that doesn't listen to its members.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

We Need The #Heathrow Expansion

There are a few myths regarding the Heathrow expansion.

Firstly that the north of the country won't feel the benefits from it expanding, this is a lie.

I work for a small firm who's main contract is with Heathrow, 24% of the companies we deal with on daily basis have the HQ's north of the Watford Gap, including some companies based in Scotland.

Telford, Sheffield, Newcastle, Worcester, Glasgow, Darlington, Stone, Warrington, Keighly, Renfrewshire, Derby are to name but a few areas of the country that get business through Heathrow expanding.

Not only will the north of the country, and Scotland benefit for a third runway, but the south too.

Exeter, Swindon, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Essex are to name but a few other areas that will feel the benefits.

These are areas the company I work for deal with, and we are a small company, imagine all the other areas of the country that will benefit.

Jobs will be made, houses will be built, investments will be made.

Also the expense of expanding Heathrow isn't as high as some other ideas, £18.6 billion, which if we add another £10 billion for mistakes (it's Britain, there will be mistakes, setbacks etc) whic tallies it up to £28.6 billion.

Boris Island, the most ludicrous idea ever thought up, could have cost us £100 billion!

HS2 is costing £30 billion, again add on another £10 billion for mistakes, makes it £40 billion.

Heathrow expansion is by far the cheapest, easiest, and most beneficial for the whole country.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Clinton or Trump? Neither!

I have to be honest, I am ashamed at USA right now, out of the 318.9 million people it's Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump who are running against each other to become the next President of the USA, the most power country in the world.

Here we have two people who are beyond corrupt.

Clinton is clever, which in one way makes her, in my opinion, more dangerous than Trump.

That's not only what bothers me about her, she's getting away with someone she would persecute another over.

Her emails got leaked out because she, cleverly, used her family's private email server instead of the secure and official State Department emails, and because of this clever move, her emails were leaked, which she has denied has happened......

What was leaked? "We must destroy Syria for Israel"

Edward Snowden, a man I am not a fan of, leaked vital information, now they want to persecute him, and knowing the USA, possibly execute him.

Because of her last name she can run for President, because of his last name Snowden runs for safety..... fair? Not exactly.

Then there's Trump, a racist, homophobic, sexist pillock, who is rich thanks to his grand father, and father.

He's friend's with Vladimir Putin, which would be a good thing if Trump wasn't as thick, and Putin, should Trump win, would take advantage of.

He see women as a play thing for his own amusement, a bit like Hilary's husband.

Then there's his daft ideas to build walls to keep people out, and have them pay for this wall.

I haven't really listened to the debates between these two because they are the two sides of corruption.

One thick, the other smart, and I can't decide which one is the less evil of the two.... can you?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Child Refugees

Should child refugees from the Calais jungle be helped? Absolutely!

Should we, Britain, be taking them in, in order to give children safety and security? Of course!

However some of these children who have been accepted, some of them don't look like children.

Now it may be the case, like in mine, where they look older than their years.

If they are children, and they have come from war torn Syria, then yes the travelling and the worrying will have aged some of them.

However, if it turns out that we have accepted adults posing as children, then what about the real children who are being left behind?

What about the children who literally are just that, children of 8 or 10, living on their own, or trying to look after younger siblings/ family members, and are stuck in the Calais jungle because of fraudsters?

When people were talking about bringing over child refugees, I honestly thought I was going to be seeing babies through to 10/14 year olds, not teenagers/ men.

Again, I will re-iterate that these teenagers might be 14 years old, but the circumstances in which they have found themselves has aged them.

Child refugees needing help I am all for helping, adult men posing as such....... sickens me, I hope I am wrong.

Friday, 30 September 2016

There'll Never Be Unity If Corbyn Stays Silent On Jackie Walker

Jeremy Corbyn called for unity within the Labour party from all divisions.

From the old relics of the New Labour era, to the new Labour supporters who've since joined to make sure Corbyn was re-elected as leader.

It'll never, ever happen, and here's why.

Quite rightly Jeremy Corbyn called all forms of anti-Semitism "evil". Absolutely correct.

Yet, a day before his big speech, the vice chairman of Momentum, the pro-Corbyn think tank, had this to say about the Holocaust day:

"In terms of Holocaust day, wouldn't it be wonderful if Holocaust day was open to all peoples who experienced the Holocaust."

To which the audience shout back at her "it is." But this wasn't a good enough answer and so she carried on:

"Well actually in practice, it's not actually advocated and circulated"

Again the audience tell her "it is." Again this isn't good enough and she carried on.

Not only did she spout anti-Semitic views at the Labour conference, she continued to on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook:

The Labour's party's silence after such a speech from Corbyn is deafening, why? Well a few days before the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, had this to say of Jackie Walker.

Not only that a few months ago when Jackie Walker was originally suspended for her anti-Semitic views, Owen Jones, the Guardian columnist, actually campaigned for her suspension to be stopped, that the accusation of her being anti-Semitic was "ludicrous".

Nor Jeremy Corbyn, or his Shadow Chancellor have said anything on Jackie Walker's disgusting comments, and their silence is deafening.

It proves that he was just saying words, that has not intension of acting on them, that he doesn't really want unity, he just wants people who agree with him, Jackie Walker, a close personal friend of Mr Corbyn's, definitely agrees with him, and he with her.

Unity in Labour? Yeah right!