Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness, the former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, and ex cheif of the IRA has died.

As a Protestant Irish descendant I will not be mourning his death.

Yes at the end he did help create peace in Northern Ireland, but if it wasn't for people like him, the Good Friday agreement would never have been needed in the first place.

Whether you admit it or not, the man is a murderer, he has blood on his hands, and I am not just talking about British deaths, I am talking about Irish deaths.

People seem to forget that many Catholic's were killed if they were believed to have been helping the British.

McGuinness was a terrorist to some, and a freedom fighter for others, I agree with the former description.

People died needlessly, and all for what?

I am sorry for his family's loss, but at a time like this, I am also remembering those who he maimed and killed for nothing.

Monday, 6 March 2017

10 Issues Corbyn Only Has To Blame Himself For

I thought I'd do a quick blog on why you can't blame the Mainstream Media, or Tony Blair, or even the "moderate" MP's who tried to overthrow Corbyn, for all the bad views the general public have on him.

1. Most recently (yesterday), Jeremy Corbyn Published his tax return. Brilliant..... Well it would have been had he actually declared all of his earnings that year. It was missing teh £40K salary he earns as Labour leader. You have to remember no one asked to see it, this is what's called an "own goal."

2. "Mao's little red book." Said John McDonnell in a return speech to the then Chancellor George Osborne. That's right taking the mick out of 60 million deaths is the way forward..... Did no one in the Labour leadership team not think twice about that gag? No?

3. The Copeland by-election loss. Not only did Labour lose the seat they'd held since the 1930's, but they lost it to the Tories, a sitting government. This hasn't happened in over a century. Why did Labour lose? Well there has been a downward spiral of support for Labour in Copeland, however the final straw was most likely the Labour leaders stance on Nuclear Power that hammered in the last nail.

4. Not singing the national anthem at an event where you're honoring those who've died for our freedom. There's a time and a place to take a political stance, this was not one of them.

5. His performances at PMQ's are hardly inspiring, first relying solely on the public for questions, then missing wide open goals the Tories have very kindly left him.

6. The so called "re-branding" at the beginning of the year was, how shall I put it, a disaster! Firstly there was an NHS Crisis going on, but of course self preservation comes first, and he managed to completely f*ck it up! "We have a new policy" in the morning, by the afternoon "we have an idea for a new policy."

7. "I will unite the party!" Was won of his winning sayings during the first Labour leadership election. Since then he's had mass resignations, MP's defying his authority (sharing platforms with the Tories over the EU Ref, and voting with the government on airstrikes over Syria which included his own Shadow Foriegn Minister), and an attempted coup to over throw him as leader, which failed spectacularly

8. The EU referendum! We all know deep down Corbyn is a leaver, and Boris Johnson a remainer, however one was more convincing than the other. Leave obviously won, not because of Corbyn's lack of enthusiasm for the EU, but I am sure that didn't help matters.

9. Can anybody name me a Labour policy? One that McDonnell or others haven't contradicted the Labour leader over?

10. His past has come up to bite quite severely on the bum! His close links with the ex IRA leaders hasn't gone down well, especially when majority of those who join the British army are working class. As well as calling terrorist organisations like Hamas, and Hezbollah "friends" and inviting them to parliament for discussions, because that'll stop them killing gays, and stoning women who've been raped, to death!

So there you have it, in no particular order, 10 faults that lie solely at the feet of Jeremy Corbyn.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Dr Christian Jessen - Idiot

Paedophilia is a sick sexual preference. Paedo's are sexually attracted to children, that is their peverted sexual preference.

TV's Dr Christian Jessen thinks that paedophiles can be "reformed", at least the "low-risk" ones anyway.

Firstly, that's as bad as the far right in America claiming that homosexuality can be "cured".

No sexuality can be "cured" or "reformed", you are what you are, whether it's straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, monosexual, or even asexual.

Paedophiles are the same, except they SHOULD be locked up, even the low-risk paedo's. They're a danger to children.

What I would like to know, is what he considers a "low-risk" paedophile.

Is it someone who just watches child pornography? (Which is my opinion makes them just as guilty as the people in the video's/ pictures committing these horrific acts.

Is it someone who sits near children's parks taking pictures to masturbate over later?

Is it someone who just fantasises about sleeping with underage children?

Is it someone who messages children through chat rooms, and social media but doesn't acutally meet up with them?

Who's to say these people who aren't physically harming any children themselves, won't take a step further next time? They obviously know what they're doing is wrong, that's why they try and hide it from public view.

So how are you meant to "reform" people, who already know what they're doing is not only against the law, but morally wrong?

They can't change their sexual preference, instead it's better to lock them up, and keep them away from children at all costs.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Will Labour Still Be The Opposition Party After 2020

Even a blind would be able to see the fact that Labour, no matter who is the leader, will not win the next general election whenever it's be.

The polling average shows a 15-18% lead for Theresa May.

Jeremy Corbyn comes third in a two man race, he is below the "Don't Know" option....... how bad do you have to be when "Don't know" beats you?

In 2015 the polls got it horribly wrong, they showed a very close race between Labour and the Conservatives, when in actual fact, the Tories were well ahead, hence the first Conservative majority government since 1992.

What's to say that's not true today, that even though the Tories are steaming ahead in the polls, and they've even managed to take the Copeland seat, which has been held by later since the 1930's.

Imagine Mrs May calls an election tomorrow for six months time, what would happen to Labour? They'd be decimated, they would no longer be the opposition party, so who would take over that?

1. Liberal Democrats - no, people seem to have largely forgot who the hell they are (despite the LibDem Fight back), and not forgiven them for promising the world and failing to deliver it

2. SNP - Again no, they only care what happens in Scotland, not Britain.

3. UKIP - No one likes Paul Nuttall, and he's badly hurt himself over his Hillsborough claim, and their one issue is immigration

4. The Green Party - No, not enough votes, and not enough people know enough about them

In other words, opposition will be a rainbow of coalition, which will not help the British public, they all have their own agenda's and what they believe is the most important thing at the time, they'll never agree to attack the Tories on one thing at a time.

Jeremy Corbyn has broken Britain, not in an economical sense, but in giving us a true and decent opposition that can hold the government to account.

The biggest open goal ever to be gifted to an opposition, was at the beginning of 2017, when the NHS crisis was at it's height, what did Corbyn do? One tiny statement to the BBC where he "demanded" Theresa May to go back to parliament...... she didn't.

What was his main focus? Re-branding himself, and introducing a new policy, which in itself was a disaster, as it was a sure thing in the morning, to only an idea by the afternoon.

We have to remember though, Jeremy was not the start of this decline, it started with New Labour, which ironically was also Labour's best ever years.

Blair and Corbyn are more alike than what most people have noticed, neither will accept any responsibility for the decline, both stick their fingers in their ears whilst humming the Banana Splits theme tune.

Blair blames Corbyn, Corbyn blames Blair.

Truth is, they're both, and everyone in-between, is to blame.

Blair ignored 1 million people marching against the Iraq war, Gordon Brown called Gillian Duffy a bigot for having a concern over immigration, and Ed Miliband ignored the calls for an EU referendum.

They're all brilliant at ignoring what the people want, despite the fact that the Labour Party is meant to be the party of the people.

Under the Tories for the last seven years unemployment continues to falls, whereas every single Labour government ever has only ever see unemployment increase.

More investment from businesses under the Tories, despite the Brexit vote, whereas Labour ignored every economist who were warning them about the 2008 financial crash, and also were the party to bail out the banks.

Labour started and funded a war in the middle east over false pretences. They lied to us, they oversaw the deaths of hundreds of our armed forces, and hundreds of thousands of deaths of civilians, all for what? More instability.

Labour is it's own worst enemy because they have "principles" that say one thing, but they do something completely other.

Monday, 27 February 2017

You're Not Back Benchers Anymore!

There's one major problem with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, they still think they're bank benchers.

Today it was released online an article or warning about a "soft coup" from some Labour MP's and the "Murdoch empire." This was from the words of John McDonnell.

The problem here is, these two, now very important men, forget they're not back benchers anymore, anything they write, no matter how small the following of that particular blog/ magazine/ newspaper will be picked up and read.

Your profiles have gone from MP's only a few people had heard of, to potentially being the Prime Minister and Chancellor.

Jeremy Corbyn made quite a funny blunder at the Scottish Labour Party conference, accidentally praising the SNP instead of Labour MSP's.

Immediately you could see the annoyance on Corbyn's face, then during a Sky News interview he looked ever so slightly crazy in answering whether he will still be Labour leader in 2020.

Ironically like Blair, they're stuck in the past, they're used to being the underdog, having no or little responsibility, the seats they represent would vote a chicken in if it was wearing a Labour rosette, so they're used to being part of the background, not much detail to them.

In seven months time, they'd have been at the helm of Labour for two years, it's time they had gotten used to the pressure of every little thing they say and do being analysed, and so it should be too.

These two people could be (however I greatly doubt it), the new Cameron & Osborne, or Blair & Brown double act leading the country, Corbyn & McDonnell.

If they can't handle the pressure as it is now, how on earth do they think they could deal with it if they ever won a general election? Not only the press but every country in the world will have their eyes on your every move, and word.

You would be responsible for 60 million people, you will responsible for millions of jobs, the state of the currency, the NHS, the police, the fire brigade, our Armed Forces, our defence strategy, foreign affairs.

If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Friday, 24 February 2017

Copeland & Stoke

Jeremy Corbyn is lucky, his party on the other hand, extremely unlucky.

Labour lost to the Tories in Copeland (a seat that Labour had kept since the 1930's, and first time since Thatcher that a sitting government wins a seat from the opposition), but narrowly kept Stoke.

UKIP are now a laughing stoke, and Paul Nuttall is finished, there's no point dwelling on them anymore.

Labour on the other hand are now going to keep Jeremy Corbyn as their leader, good for him, bad for the party.

Why is it bad? Well he has no direction of where his leadership wants to go, he isn't interested in listening to other views (hence McDonnell's blame of Blair), and people just don't have the faith in him.

Ironically McDonnell blaming Blair for the loss of Copeland, is just as laughable as Blair blaming Corbyn for the Brexit vote.

There's one other reason why Labour lost Copeland, they took that safe seat for granted, the didn't think a seat they had always held would leave them for the Tories, they were wrong, and have been rightly punished.

The next general election will see Theresa May win fantastically, Labour lose sorely, and the country will be without a true opposition to hold the government to account.

The longer Corbyn stays as leader, the longer it'll take to regain a lot of lost constituencies.

Monday, 20 February 2017

"To Incompetency And Beyond!"

The latest ICM/ Guardian poll has put Tories 18 points ahead of Labour:

Con 44%, Lab 26%, UKIP 13%, LDem 8%, Green 4%, SNP 4%, PC*%, Other 1%

What's weird is how the Tories have little to no ammo, there is an NHS Crisis, whether Tories want to admit that or not, Brexit could be seen as a shambles (until Remain spun out Blair and Mandelson), and May's cosying up to Trump has less than impressed Britain.

How bad of a leader do you have to be, that when you're in opposition and you can't beat the government in the polls on one issue.

According to the ComRes/ Mirror poll 43% of the public are "More like to trust Ma and the Tories" than Jeremy Corbyn and Labour regarding the NHS.

The NHS is supposed to be Labour's safe house, their home territory, after all it was a Labour government who introduced and started the NHS.

May also wins in every poll on whether the public prefer her or Corbyn to be Prime Minister, in fact she also trump's (no pun intended... honest) Nichola Sturgeon in Scottish polls on preferred leaders.

Jeremy Corbyn's problem? Himself, he is his and Labour's, own worst enemy.

Is he a nice guy? I am sure he is, but in the world of politics, nice just doesn't cut it.

You need someone who's got a backbone, not afraid to stand up for us, and do what they believe is best for the country.

May is a hard woman, she doesn't suffer fools gladly. Methodical, reasoned, well informed.

Corbyn is a nice man, most likely a weak hand shake, and has no leadership qualities.

Neither are good orators, but May is slightly better.

Things just get worse and worse for Corbyn, until he leaves, and as much as I am enjoying watching him destroy Labour, he is denying the country of a credible opposition, of holding the government to account.