Tuesday, 18 April 2017

What A Blinder!

Theresa May has played an epic blinder on Labour, and even it seems on the SNP.

For how long has Nichola Sturgeon been saying "I was elected." And is now apparently against Theresa May wanting the same thing?

Cake and eat it do not happen in politics my dear, it is brutal, and if you can't handle it, you're in the wrong job.

Jeremy Corbyn says he welcomes the snap general election, and the British public believe that as much as we did when you said you were for remaining in the EU.

The only other party to benefit from the snap general election is the Liberal Democrats, however, yes I do believe they will win seats off of Tory remain areas, but not many, and yes I do believe their vote count will go up, however I do believe most of that will be sporadic, so it won't injure the Tories too much.

Corbyn's Labour party has most recently lacked 21-25 points behind the Tories in the polls, it would have been foolish for May not to call a snap election!

Is it for Tory benefit? Yes, but I also believe the country will benefit, because finally we'll have a strong majority government who will act on the will of the people (Brexit), and will be able to go the EU negotiations with a strong argument.

To go in these negotiations with a seemingly torn country will only give the EU more reasons to try and kick us harder.

Yes to the snap election, yes to upsetting the SNP apple cart, and yes to showing Jeremy Corbyn the door (finally).

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

More, more, more!

Jeremy Corbyn, the man who wants more!

He wants to borrow £500 million, in which he'll build a million news homes (despite the social housing waiting list being 5 million long), "secure our NHS and social care", as well as better funding for the arts.

He also wants to raise corporation tax, and the minimum wage.

Small businesses, like the one I work for, will crumble, as they'll be the ones who'll be expected to foot the £500 million bill, as well as pay more corp tax, and wages.

Jeremy's way of helping? Ensuring there is no such thing as a late payer.

What Jeremy fails to realise is, being paid on time won't help foot the bill of their beloved borrowing, nor will it help to make sure there's enough money in the bank to pay their employees wages, as they'll have to put aside for their every growing corp tax bill.

This means small businesses will have to raise their prices as their wage bill, corp tax and a hefty bill will have to be factored into their yearly forecasts.

When prices rise, this means people will look for the cheapest option, namely large corporations, who won't have to worry as much as small businesses, as their profits are already within the millions, if not billions.

Therefore small businesses will end up bust anyway.

Then again, we shouldn't be surprised at Corbyn's hated for the entrepreneur, the idea that someone wants to be in charge of their own destiny and not have to rely on the state must make his socialist skin crawl!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Opposition? What Opposition

What the hell is going on in the Labour Party?

Firstly Jeremy Corbyn doesn't seem to have realised he is now responsible for the second most major political party in the UK, he is no longer a back bench rebel that nobody pays attention to.

His politics politics are now main stream, his decisions are now accountable, and he now has an actual possibly chance of becoming Britain's next Prime Minister (although if the polls are anything to go by he hasn't a hope in hell).

If he can't handle the heat as opposition leader, and he doesn't enjoy his leadership being questioned, how does he think he'd ever cope as Prime Minister?

This isn't Labour's only problem, they've let Ken "Hitler supported Zionism" Livingstone off the hook, and suspended him for a year... woop de do.

Jewish Labour MP Ruth Smeeth isn't happy, and I don't blame her. Firstly Labour DOES have an anti-Semitism problem. During Shami Chakrabarti's Press statement of her "inquiry" into the issue, was less than smooth.

Ruth Smeeth received anti-Semitic bullying during the press statement, and the Labour leader sat by as the Ruth walked out of the room noticeably upset, according to sources she was even crying.

Corbyn, who was at the press statement, sat back and did nothing. The bully was even overheard on camera talking to Corbyn, as they left, saying that he had "outed Smeeth for talking to the Torygraph", again Corbyn had no reaction, other than to smile.

Labour need a new leader, and they need one bad. Jeremy and co seem hell bent on making sure the country is denied having someone holding the government to account, and this is also bad for Tories, not only Labour.

Jeremy may have principles, he may be a nice bloke, but we must all agree that he a shite leader, and that is not good for Britain.

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband has almost become a bit of a fallen hero for Labour supporters.

No, not amongst Corbynista's, but for the so called "moderates", it's like they've almost forgotten just how pathetic he was.

So let's start by reminding ourselves just how and why he was unelected.

1. Ironically the EU referendum. Miliband did not want to give the people a choice, or a say in their own future.

2. Energy Freezing, only for the prices to fall soon after this policy was announced

3. Giving 2p to homeless woman he walked past.

4. When asked in an interview if he knew the average amount one family spends on food per week "£70-£80 a week." Oh dear....

5. Not knowing who rather important people within the Labour party were "You do know who Jim Grant is?"

EM "Well you'll enlightenment me I am sure."

Int "Swindon Labour leader."

6. How many inquiries did he want again? Independent, public, judge led.

7. Forgetting his speech at the Labour Party conference, all because he wanted to show off that he could walk and talk at the same time.......

I think seven is enough to embarrass someone, I Just wanted a gentle reminder that, yes now he is in control of his own Twitter account he is a lot wittier, however he was still a disaster.

Although, he isn't a patch on Jeremy Corbyn who is a delight to watch! Sadly though, political satire comedians all around the country are being done out of a job!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness, the former Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, and ex cheif of the IRA has died.

As a Protestant Irish descendant I will not be mourning his death.

Yes at the end he did help create peace in Northern Ireland, but if it wasn't for people like him, the Good Friday agreement would never have been needed in the first place.

Whether you admit it or not, the man is a murderer, he has blood on his hands, and I am not just talking about British deaths, I am talking about Irish deaths.

People seem to forget that many Catholic's were killed if they were believed to have been helping the British.

McGuinness was a terrorist to some, and a freedom fighter for others, I agree with the former description.

People died needlessly, and all for what?

I am sorry for his family's loss, but at a time like this, I am also remembering those who he maimed and killed for nothing.

Monday, 6 March 2017

10 Issues Corbyn Only Has To Blame Himself For

I thought I'd do a quick blog on why you can't blame the Mainstream Media, or Tony Blair, or even the "moderate" MP's who tried to overthrow Corbyn, for all the bad views the general public have on him.

1. Most recently (yesterday), Jeremy Corbyn Published his tax return. Brilliant..... Well it would have been had he actually declared all of his earnings that year. It was missing teh £40K salary he earns as Labour leader. You have to remember no one asked to see it, this is what's called an "own goal."

2. "Mao's little red book." Said John McDonnell in a return speech to the then Chancellor George Osborne. That's right taking the mick out of 60 million deaths is the way forward..... Did no one in the Labour leadership team not think twice about that gag? No?

3. The Copeland by-election loss. Not only did Labour lose the seat they'd held since the 1930's, but they lost it to the Tories, a sitting government. This hasn't happened in over a century. Why did Labour lose? Well there has been a downward spiral of support for Labour in Copeland, however the final straw was most likely the Labour leaders stance on Nuclear Power that hammered in the last nail.

4. Not singing the national anthem at an event where you're honoring those who've died for our freedom. There's a time and a place to take a political stance, this was not one of them.

5. His performances at PMQ's are hardly inspiring, first relying solely on the public for questions, then missing wide open goals the Tories have very kindly left him.

6. The so called "re-branding" at the beginning of the year was, how shall I put it, a disaster! Firstly there was an NHS Crisis going on, but of course self preservation comes first, and he managed to completely f*ck it up! "We have a new policy" in the morning, by the afternoon "we have an idea for a new policy."

7. "I will unite the party!" Was won of his winning sayings during the first Labour leadership election. Since then he's had mass resignations, MP's defying his authority (sharing platforms with the Tories over the EU Ref, and voting with the government on airstrikes over Syria which included his own Shadow Foriegn Minister), and an attempted coup to over throw him as leader, which failed spectacularly

8. The EU referendum! We all know deep down Corbyn is a leaver, and Boris Johnson a remainer, however one was more convincing than the other. Leave obviously won, not because of Corbyn's lack of enthusiasm for the EU, but I am sure that didn't help matters.

9. Can anybody name me a Labour policy? One that McDonnell or others haven't contradicted the Labour leader over?

10. His past has come up to bite quite severely on the bum! His close links with the ex IRA leaders hasn't gone down well, especially when majority of those who join the British army are working class. As well as calling terrorist organisations like Hamas, and Hezbollah "friends" and inviting them to parliament for discussions, because that'll stop them killing gays, and stoning women who've been raped, to death!

So there you have it, in no particular order, 10 faults that lie solely at the feet of Jeremy Corbyn.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Dr Christian Jessen - Idiot

Paedophilia is a sick sexual preference. Paedo's are sexually attracted to children, that is their peverted sexual preference.

TV's Dr Christian Jessen thinks that paedophiles can be "reformed", at least the "low-risk" ones anyway.

Firstly, that's as bad as the far right in America claiming that homosexuality can be "cured".

No sexuality can be "cured" or "reformed", you are what you are, whether it's straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, monosexual, or even asexual.

Paedophiles are the same, except they SHOULD be locked up, even the low-risk paedo's. They're a danger to children.

What I would like to know, is what he considers a "low-risk" paedophile.

Is it someone who just watches child pornography? (Which is my opinion makes them just as guilty as the people in the video's/ pictures committing these horrific acts.

Is it someone who sits near children's parks taking pictures to masturbate over later?

Is it someone who just fantasises about sleeping with underage children?

Is it someone who messages children through chat rooms, and social media but doesn't acutally meet up with them?

Who's to say these people who aren't physically harming any children themselves, won't take a step further next time? They obviously know what they're doing is wrong, that's why they try and hide it from public view.

So how are you meant to "reform" people, who already know what they're doing is not only against the law, but morally wrong?

They can't change their sexual preference, instead it's better to lock them up, and keep them away from children at all costs.