Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Get. On. With. It

I don't know about you, but I have had my fill of watching MP's acting like spoiled brats, and to be honest, I have had enough of Brexit.

There isn't one side better than the other. The Tories are in just as much array as Labour are.

Labour is lead by a Brexiteer, but full of Remain MP's, and the Tories are lead by a soft Remain PM, who has tried her best to find the common ground, and failed of course, and won't help her, or the country out.

Here's my pledge to Mrs May. JUST LEAVE!!!

We voted, we knew what we were voting for, to leave the European Union. Why? Well because I can't stand to be lead by a misogynistic, drunk, unelected bureaucrat like Juncker.

MP's, you voted for Article 50 to be triggered, now respect it.

I don't care if you don't like it, I don't care if it's not what you want, it's what 17.4 million people want, and if not more.

Some of my extreme Remain friends would now vote leave because of the contempt you are treating the British people with.

And for those who say all Brexit voting people are racist. My friends of Indian, and Pakistani heritage voted to leave, what would you call them?!

So to the MP's, John Bercow, and the Prime Minister. Get on with it!! Otherwise you'll find yourselves all voted out of the job, and some new, possible more extreme parties will be made.

You're making the people angry, and that is one dangerous emotion to be playing around with

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Deal or No Deal?

Theresa May, also my MP, has, I believe, done the best to get some sort of deal to leave the EU.

However, as she herself once said, "No deal, is better than a bad deal." And this deal is bad. Pro-EU and Brexiteers alike seem to think this.

So surely, you'd imagine, Mrs May would stick to her guns, and go through with no deal, and allow us and the EU to get deals sorted throughout the years?

Wee here lies the problem; it feels like parliament, and I don't care what colour rosette the pro-EU MPs wear, have done everything in their power to make sure we don't leave the EU, hence May getting such an awful deal, hence them making sure they can take no deal off of the table.

Extremely undemocratic, it shows that they have NOT listened to what the people, who voted them into parliament, want.

It shows the contempt that this parliament has for the people who without them, they would be in our position, ignored!

There also seems to be some people still wondering why people voted to leave. Unlike what LBC present James O'Brien would have you believe, not everyone who voted to leave did so because of immigration, but it did play a major part in reasons why, and here are some none racist reasons why:

People voted to leave because the EU was unwavering, as has been shown in the Brexit talks, on their stance of immigration, wanting to force us to take more, when majority of people were saying no.

People voted to leave because parties like Labour labelled you a racist when you voiced a small concern about immigration, remember Mrs Gillian Duffy? A Labour voter, labelled a "bigot" by then Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown, because she asked a valid question about Eastern European immigration.

Also, it felt like anything bad that happened, our politicians, had a nice little caveat to fall back on. "That's not our fault, that is the EU." And are now wondering why there was a huge mandate to leave.

Friday, 22 February 2019

Agree to Disagree

I've been listening to Labour MP Jess Philips on LBC today, standing in for usual host James O'Brien.

The abuse from one caller got me quite upset for her, not because Jess can't handle it, or that is in anyway bothered by it, but because it was totally and utterly hypocritical criticism from one of her own constituents.

The constituent, named Anne, started off rather nicely saying how she voted for her, but then went into overdrive because Jess doesn't 100% back Jeremy Corbyn, and asked her why she remained within the Labour Party.

Firstly, the pure and utter cheek of it! Firstly, Jeremy Corbyn voted AGAINST the Labour Party over 500 times, it doesn't matter who was leading, he voted against his own party, were there calls for him to leave Labour? No.

I haven't asked this question in a few years, but here I go again; why is it principals when Corbyn voted against the Labour party, but backstabbing when it's done to him.

Corbyn himself has had the bare faced cheek to criticise the 8 Labour MP's who have left to form The Independent Group, to say they were unloyal. Again Mr Corbyn, you voted against your own party over 500 times, where was your loyalty?

Secondly, Corbyn has said that Shamima Begun should not have had her British Citizenship revoked, and that we should bring her back and support her, yet his Shadow Chancellor had written a letter calling for people fighting for the Israeli Government, or on behalf of the Israeli state should have their citizenship's removed.

The hypocrisy, and two facedness of this current Labour leadership is embarrassing, and to be honest, unsurprising, but I honestly don't understand how anyone with an ounce of dignity, or common sense can stand up for them!

Monday, 18 February 2019


The Labour MP's, and possibly few Tory MP's, who will split from their parties to join a new, pro-EU party will not particularly damage the Tories, but definitely Labour.

This is, of course, if the split comes to anything at all, because it could be political suicide for the MP's who split.

However, there is every possibility that it won't be, and that means bad news for Labour.

Looks like Jeremy Corbyn should have been more decisive on Labour's Brexit strategy, instead of flip flopping the way he has.

So if this new party is a success, Corbyn has done exactly what I said he would, he's killed off the Labour Party, and possibly for good.

I've already seen quite a few tweets from people saying they're looking forward to a party being so pro-EU, such as from pro-EU actress Emma Kennedy

Friday, 8 February 2019

Anti-Semitism: When Will It End?

I am genuinely finding it terrifying that there are people out there, being blatantly anti-semitic, and yet are somehow getting away with it.

The Labour leadership's words mean nothing on the matter, because their lack of actions are speaking a heck of a lot louder!

It recently watched on Netflix a series called Hitler's Circle of Evil, and in that it explained how strongly the Nazi's hated the Jewish people, and how they slowly made anti-semitism the norm.

It feels like some parts of the Labour membership, as well as the Labour leadership, are trying to do the same thing.

However, unlike the Nazi's, Labour are thankfully not in a power.

For those denying that anti-semitism is a problem within Labour are either being deliberately blind, ignorant or are unknowingly (or knowingly) taking part the act itself.

What has Labour done to combat the problem? Nothing, despite John McDonnnell's words on Radio 4 the other day, in which he protested that Labour are doing something about it, what it was they were doing he never actually said (because it's nothing).

Luciana Berger, a Jewish Labour MP, is facing a no-confidence vote, therefore a deselection, from her constituency, McDonnell is trying to dress this up as "It's not because of anti-semitism, it's because she's been talking about a new party."

Labour, under the current lot, she never be allowed near the government, not only are they useless with numbers, they're openly racist.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

May In Trouble? Not From Labour

Let's face facts, the fact that Jeremy Corbyn has put in a vote of no confidence on Theresa May means nothing.

He knows she'll win, and probably wants her to win, because let's face the facts, Labour are just as, if not more so, incompetent.

They have a Shadow Brexit Secretary who wants to over turn the 2016 referendum result, and a Labour leader who wants to please everyone and they refuse to see eye to eye.

Not sure if anyone sure the Labour front benches faces after Theresa May lost the Brexit vote last night..... they weren't happy!

Just look at the disappointed faces, even Keir Starmer looks shocked, and not a happy shocked. Jeremy Corbyn is burying his head, Emily Thornberry has her mouth covered, the rest just look shocked.

Why? Because they know their useless leader will put into motion the vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister, which they all know she will most likely win because majority of his own MP's can't stand him.

(Remember Corbyn lost his vote of no confidence, 172 Labour MP's to be precise)

Labour pose no threat, except to themselves.

We have a useless government, followed by and even more useless shadow government, what has become of British politics?

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

What A Croc of Sh*te

Sorry for the harsh title, but Owen Jones has hit a new level of bollocks.

Owen was having ago at people for writing for papers like The Sun, basically was calling them murderers.

But when it was pointed out to him that Owen himself had written for The Sun, his excuse was:

What a load of utter, stinking, rancid, bullsh*t.

What Owen has missed is, he may not have been paid by The Sun to write a column, but he did, and he did so that the sales of his new book would go up.

No he wasn't denouncing it, the only people to gain from his column, was Owen himself, of course his publishing company, and (ironically) The Sun, because for in order for people to read his column people would either have the physical paper, meaning they would have to search for his piece most likely reading other pieces in their search, or click on a link taking them to the website, which would have advertised their other columns, which people may have clicked on after reading Owen's.

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic, and self serving. How narcissistic do you have to be to write in a paper, you apparently hate, to gain more sales, therefore more profits, for your newly released book, which is called capitalising, an ideology you claim to also hate......

Then again, I do believe a lot of rich left wingers live by the motto "It's OK to live like a capitalist, so long as you talk like a socialist".