Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Why #Brexit is Good!

Brexit is a good thing, why? When we leave the EU our politicians will be wholly accountable, there will not be other countries denying us, and we will not be denying them.

We will be able to control our own borders, therefore be able to get our housing, NHS, and schooling systems sorted out.

How is it fair to keep open borders when the basic needs, housing, education and health, are struggling?

How is fair on those seeking for a better life and are promised a better life are moved into squalor? Put on waiting lists? Squeezed into a room to share between five or more people?

How is it fair on the people already on waiting lists to be kept waiting even further because successive governments have failed to accommodate the influx of immigration?

How is fair to allow an unelected, unnamed person to decide what can and can't happen?

How is it fair that some of these EU rules and regulations are good for some countries and not for others?

Where is the fairness in the EU? Where is the common sense to have unelected bureaucrats, who most people can't name off of hand, tell countries what they can and can't do?

Surely holding those we have elected to account is the proper and correct way to go about things?

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

The "New" Corbyn? Worse Than Ever Before!

Corbyn and his team obviously decided to take on board the slogan "New year, new me", and decided to "relaunch the Labour leader and the party.

Firstly by not being seen at all, when there has been ample opportunity to kick the Tories where it would really hurt, instead Mr Corbyn decided it was far more important that he have a holiday.

At the moment the NHS is being so badly run the NHS has been called in for help, now if you were a Labour leader, wouldn't you be running from news station to news station shouting about how appalling this is?

Not Corbyn, he issued a single statement. I bet Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt sh*t themselves when they heard he had!

Since then, Corbyn has come out of the shadows, and this morning has decided to go from news station to news station talking about...... his new policy of putting a cap on how much you can earn.

That's right, he isn't here to hold the government to account, as every other opposition leader has done in the past, but to promote a new Labour policy.

Good to see he has his finger on the pulse.

I am not sure what planet Corbyn and his team are on, but it's certainly not earth!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Rich and dumb

A Tory donor has claimed he won't be one any longer if Theresa May takes us out of the Single Market.

Now I have no qualms with rich people, in fact I would rather like to become one!

However, I do take a problem when they think they and their money is far more important  than the will of the people. 17 million people to be more precise.

It's people like this Tory donor (I haven't bothered to learn his name) who give Tories, like me, a bad name. This donor is the stereotypical Tory, so stereotypical in fact that he would give fictional character Alan B'Stard a run for his money!

By all means be a donor to whatever party you see fit, but don't try and out do the will of the British people, firstly it makes you look like a pompous, self-centred, arsehole that he most likely probably is.

If you don't want to be part of a party because they're listening to the will of the people, then don't broadcast it, not only do you lose any sympathy people who voted to remain might have had, you become public enemy number one, and there are enough politicians to take that place without you joining them.

Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 - Year of Change?

2016 was a defining year.

Of course the celebrity deaths were huge! David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood, Terry Wogan, Prince, Harper Lee, George Michael, Caroline Aheren, as well as many others!

Many icons sadly died last year.

Also there was huge political moments that world was witness too.

Let's start in Britain.

Well the Conservatives had a huge year, firstly David Cameron kept his election promise of a referendum on whether Britain should stay within the European Union or not.

Not won, and we voted to leave (yay), which prompted David Cameron to resign as Prime Minister and Tory leader, which paved way for the Tories second woman leader in Theresa May, who is not only the Tories second woman leader, but Britain second woman Prime Minister.

Labour had a pretty big year as well, firstly Labour won the London Mayoral election, Sadiq Khan beating Zac Goldsmith (despite being a Tory I was glad of this defeat for the Tories).

This is possibly the only good news Labour had all year.

The referendum on the EU was rather turbulent for Jeremy Corbyn's leadership. Firstly, he reluctantly backed to remain, and told his Labour MP's to not share a platform with the remain Tory politicians, I think some Labour politicians didn't get the message because Harriet Harman, Sadiq Khan, Tessa Jowell and ex Labour leader Neil Kinnock all shared a platform with the Tories......

Due Jeremy's lack of passion for the remain campaign, and the fact that remain lost, the "moderate" Labour MP's decided to start a coup against his leadership.

It started off with Hilary Benn, who was sacked for admitting to Jeremy what he was planning, which then saw a mass resignation.

Cornyn's leadership looked pathetic, the "moderates" then decided to wager a leadership bid against Corbyn, starting with Angela Eagle, who's big was rather doomed from the start, and then unknown MP Owen Smith.

Of course Jeremy Corbyn won, on my birthday no-less, with a higher majority than before. Was a wonderful present to give to me from the Labour party! Thank you.

Then of course there's USA's politics, Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump.

A bit like being forced to choose between chlamydia or genital herpes, out of a population of 318 million these two were the finalists.

Sadly chlamydia won in the form of Donal Trump.

Donald Trump the worlds most homophobic, racist, misogynistic arse wank.

Then again a day before the voting Clinton thought it was vitally important to do the "mannequin" challenge with her celebrity friend Jon Bon Jovi.

The rest of the world had a pretty turbulent time, France and Belgium being hit from ISIS terrorist attacks, Syria is in a devastating state, Assad and his Russian and Iranian friends blasting bombs, as well as ISIS trying to fight back, with the people stuck in the middle.

The far right seems to be on the increase, especially in Europe.

So that's a quick over brief of 2016, what can 2017 offer.

Well what will happen is Donald Trump will go from President elect, to the President of the USA as Barack has to hand over the most powerful office in the world to a clown in a suit.

Theresa May will try to trigger article 50 to start the processing of Britain leaving the EU, which will more than likely be blocked by our democratically elected MP's.

This block may then make Theresa May trigger a snap election, which would be disastrous for Jeremy Corbyn has Labour are polling at all time lows at the moment, and therefore would most likely lose seats than gain any.

In fact Theresa May couldn't have a better opposition leader, Corbyn hasn't been seen doing or saying much lately, even one of closest allies, Len McCluskey the Unite Union leader, has said that if Corbyn keeps Labour this low in the polls he will have to go..... such a shame.

Also let's hope we see minimal terrorism attacks around the world, and Syrian people get to finally live in peace and rebuild their lives.

Let's also hope ISIS/IS/Daesh are defeated for good.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Fair Right Insurgence: Blame The Left

For too long the left have been silencing people with small problems regarding immigration, or even religion.

Instead of answering questions, and listening to people's concerns, the left called them racists, ignorant, and right wing.

Some of these people were not left wing, for instance when in 2010 on the run up to the election, Gordon Brown, then Prime Minister and Labour leader, was asked by pensioner Gillian Duffy about immigration coming from Europe.

He didn't answer but instead tried to smile for the cameras, obviously forgetting he still had his mic on, he was overheard calling her a "Bigoted woman."

For too long the "third way" politics ignored people's small concerns, and I have been saying this for a while, this ignorance of the left has turned people's small issues into hatred.

The left have only got themselves to blame, because they were being the ignorant ones.

Many in Labour have turned to UKIP, who are now a real threat to Labour safe seats.

This "third way" politics was all about image, about looking cool, trying to befriend the coolest celebrity at the time.

Blair with Noel Gallagher, Bill Clinton and his saxophone, Ed Miliband and Lily Allen, Barack Obama and his voice, Hilary Clinton and doing the "Mannequin Challenge" with Jon Bon Jovi.

They weren't talking about issues, they weren't listening to problems people had.

Now in the UK we have UKIP as a real threat, and the USA has just elected the dumbest, misogynistic, homophobic President ever.

The left only have themselves to blame.

The irony is, the left is meant to champion the people and any issues they may have, instead for decades they've been silencing and ignoring, which is plain ignorance and arrogance.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Is Diane Abbott The Best Labour Has?

Every time there's a chance for Labour to explain itself on an issue, such as Brexit, they send out poor old Diane Abbott.

If she's the best they've got, then Labour are well and truly stuffed, and they've done it all themselves.

Since the Iraq war, and their failure to prevent or soften the blow of the 2008 financial crash, Labour lost a lot of confidence from the public.

Then when Ed Miliband refused to give us an opinion on whether we should leave or stay within the EU, that again lost Labour any trust with the public, especially as Labour are meant to be the champions of the people, yet here they were not trusting the people.

Now they have a leader who is nowhere to be seen, and who we have no idea if he really backed remain, or if he secretly wanted Brexit (which is something he had been campaigning for year before he became leader).

Jeremy Corbyn for some reason has put all his trust into Diane Abbott, and I am not sure why.

Firstly she is incapable of answering a question, she sometimes comes across as though she hasn't even understood the question, which is perhaps why she can't answer them.

Then again what choices does he have, every time he goes to speak someone either interrupts him, protests his speeches, or he gets angry at the person asking the questions.

He can't ask his left hand man John McDonnell because not a lot of people like, or possibly even know who he is.

Then there's Emily Thornberry who accuses people of misogyny when she can't answer a question.

But there is one light at the end of the tunnel, Clive Lewis, who seems intelligent enough not to accuse people of anything if he can't answer, down to earth, and quite likeable, yet he hardly gets any airtime.

Good for Tories, bad for Labour, perhaps Jeremy seems him as a threat, therefore he doesn't want him to get the airtime so people don't turn against him, and want Mr Lewis in his place.

Either way Labour is on a slippery slope to death, it's killing itself in a very public way, and giving the Liberal Democrats the way forward to take over Labour.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Momentum Being Infiltrated? Who'd Have Thunk It?!

Don't say we didn't tell you, but the Momentum delegates, members and sympathisers are beginning to realise that it's not all that it is cracked up to be.

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, people have been warning of small groups trying to infiltrate Labour in one way or another.

Yesterday a few Guardian articles, and blogs have appeared, here's Laura Catriona Murray talking about her worry of small groups trying to get what they want, this blog was shared by Owen Jones on his Facebook:

The thing is people have been warning Labour since September last year that this was happening, and over and over again the only response was "there's only a small number of them, no need to worry."

It only takes one person, as Corbyn has proved, to make a difference, let alone many small groups of people.

The left have taken these people's ambition to get what they want with a pinch of salt, rather like the "moderate" Labour MP's who backed Corbyn so he could stand in the 2015 Labour leadership election.

The Liberal Democrats took their "third position" for granted in 2010 when they promised the world, then when they were in a position to be able to act on their promises, they failed.

The Tories took their 18 years in office for granted, some thought getting rid of Thatcher would get the public on side, six years later Blair won with a landslide majority.

Labour is killing itself, how? Because it's burying it's head in the sand, Corbyn is nowhere to be seen, and Theresa May keeps blocking their attempts to block the government.

The SNP are a better opposition than Corbyn, and that's not saying much about the SNP either, as the weeks go on, the more confident May becomes, the more silent Corbyn becomes.

Will Labour be here after 2020? Not if they carry on in the way the are today, out of sight, out of mind, people will forget they exist if Corbyn doesn't start to act soon.