Friday, 26 May 2017


Just when I thought Jeremy Corbyn couldn't get any lower in my expectations, he then blames us & British Foreign policies for the attack in Manchester on Monday, that killed 22 young people.

In essence what Corbyn is doing is giving these murdering, cowardly scumbags an excuse to carry on killing innocence.

He backed the IRA, he's called terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah friends, as well as inviting these homophobic, women hating wank stains into parliament for chats.

Jeremy Corbyn is not a man of peace, nor is he a man who backs Britain.

How can anyone in their right mind, vote for such a despicable, two faced, lying, cowardly, terrorist sympathising wimp such as him?

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Are Politicians Bullet Proof?

I've read time and time again, since the awful news broke about the Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande concert, that politicians live in a bullet proof world.

Tell that to Jo Cox.... you can't because she was shot dead by some nutjob who doesn't deserve to be named.

Tell that to Airey Neave.... again you can't because he killed outside Parliament in 1979 by the IRA

Tell that to Rev. Robert Bradford, Sir Anthony Beery, and Ian Gow..... you can't because they were all victims of the IRA.

Even the royal family were effected by terrorism when the IRA killed Prince Charles's favourite uncle, Lord Mountbatten on a family holiday in a boat, County Sligo.

Politicians are not living in bullet proof worlds, to believe such a thing is ignorance.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Corbyn Is King of U-Turns

Jeremy Corbyn today has come out against Theresa May for apparently u-turning on the social health care policy for dementia patients.

This is rather hilarious, and completely hypocritical, here's Corbyn's two biggest u-turns.

1. The EU. For decades, and decades the Labour leader campaigned alongside Tony Benn, for Britain to leave the EU for it's undemocratic workings. However when he became Labour leader, and Cameron gave us the referendum, he suddenly had a change of hearts and "campaigned" for remain.

2. Trident. Another policy the Labour leader has campaigned for decades for Britain to lose it's nuclear deterrent, again he appears to have had a change of heart, and has now said if he should win, Britain would keep Trident.

Jeremy Corbyn is not honest, is not honourable, and is not decent, he is a power hungry Marxist who wants to put Britain into financial ruin, whilst sidling up to the terrorist likes of Sinn Fein, Hamas, and Hezbollah.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

What A Shambles!

I am not a Jeremy Corbyn fan, however I always used to say, and believe that at least you knew where you stood with him.

That's until today.

Apparently Corbyn has said if he is elected Britain will keep Trident, our nuclear deterrent, despite decades of campaigning for Britain to get rid of it.

Corbyn also refused to condemn the IRA 5 times today, with an interview with Sophy Ridge on Sky News, you can watch the full interview here, instead he said bombs on all sides were wrong.

Yes, they are, however the IRA made up for 60% of all bombs that were dropped, what he failed to condemn were the shootings, such as Jean McConville, who was kidnapped, shot and buried in a secret location by the IRA.

Also his stance on the EU last year was another U-turn the Labour leader has committed too, again after decades of campaigning against the undemocratic EU, he suddenly had a change of hearts of campaigned for us to remain.

Jeremy Corbyn is meant to be a man of principles, from what I can see he's a man who'll do anything to hold to power.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Don't Be Fooled

Jeremy Corbyn is planning some nice looking policies, but that's all they are, nice looking, they'll damage the economy, jobs, and prices will rise even further.

Here he is screaming about the debt the Tories have put on the economy, despite the fact that he straight away wants to add a minimum of £503bn, that's half a trillion pounds minimum, and straight away.

Who'll pay for that? You will, yes and the rich but they can't pay for everything, therefore taxes on you will have to rise, meaning while the cost of living rises, the government takes more of your hard earned money away from you to spend on how they want.

Remember the Tories raised tax allowance to £11,500, which means if you're earning £12k per annum, you're only being taxed for £500 for a whole year, you are taking home nearly every single bit you earn.

Labour want to take your earnings away from you to pay for their ideologies.

No the rich won't stay to be taxed, why would they?

There is plenty of evidence to prove Labour's new policies don't benefit those of who it is supposed to.

Just look at the Soviet Union, no freedom, starvation (which at one point led to people turning to cannibalism  to survive), bad health, bad education, and ended up with one Soviet leader overseeing the deaths of around 39-52 million people.

That leader was Josef Stalin, who had gulags (basically copied the idea of concentration camps from the newly defeated Hitler), and who the Shadow Chancellor also admires and has spoken at many rallies with Stalin's face being proudly shown.

Also Corbyn himself is no angel, his history shows that he supported the IRA, John McDonnell (Shad Chance) thought that the terrorists who killed scores of innocence, should have been rewarded.

Recently Jeremy Corbyn refused to condemn the IRA, and put the phone down instead of answering the question, 5-6 times! You can listen here.

As for those who are trying to re-write history and say he was there for peace talks, and talking bulls*t and it stinks.

Also calling homophobic, women hating Hamas and Hezbollah friends and inviting them for talks to parliament.

Jeremy isn't a peaceful guy, he also has spoken at many rallies where banners, and posters of violence were also being proudly displayed, he never said a word against them.

Another problem Corbyn and his far left wing team have is anti-Semitism.

Last year Corbyn appointed Shami Chakribarti to do a inquiry into anti-Semitism in Labour, thanks to Ken (can't help but mention Hitler) Livingstone proclaimed that Hitler was a Zionist, despite the fact that the German dictator oversaw the deaths of 6 million jews.

During the press statement of the conclusion into the inquiry Ruth Smeeth, a Jewish Labour MP, found herself receiving anti-Semitic abuse from a Corbynista, what did Corbyn do? Nothing.

What did Corbyn do when the bully openly in front of cameras told Corbyn of his proud achievement? Absolutely nothing.

Let alone the fact that Corbyn has had over 18 months of being Labour leader, and hasn't been able to unify his party, as he promised he would do when first elected.

How on earth can he sort out a country?

Another problem he faces? His Shadow Chancellor doesn't know what Britain's deficit is, he had to be handed a piece of paper to answer a simple question by BBC's Nick Robinson.

Then there's Diane Abbott, who claims it would cost £80m a year to fund 10,000 extra policemen and women, which adds up to £8,000 per man.... not exactly living wage.

Why on earth would anyone in their right mind vote such incompetency, hatred, and ignorance to lead our great nation?

Friday, 5 May 2017

Don't Blame The Media

After Labour's, so far, terrible night for teh local elections, John McDonnell has come out blaming the media for Corbyn's bad look with the public.

Again, I will point out just a few instances where Corbyn, McDonnell & co only have themselves to blame.

1. "Bombs and Bullets could unite Ireland" said John McDonnell himself, in reference to supporting the IRA, he also said that those who disagreed with Sinn Fein should have their knees blown off.

2. Corbyn called Hamas & Hezbollah (the homophobic, women hating terrorists) friends, and invited them to parliament for a chat, possibly over a cup of tea, who knows.

3. Corbyn also thought that it was a good idea to make a political statement by not singing the national anthem at an event commemorating the soldiers who died for our freedoms

4. Back to McDonnell again, when he thought it was a good idea to make a joke about the Tories partnering up to China, he decided to bring out "Mao's Little Red Book", Mao being the name who killed around 60 million people is no joking matter

5. Diane Abbott not knowing her figures when asked about how much it would cost for an extra 10,000 police officers on the street. If you haven't heard it yet, (which I doubt) you can so here

6. Jon Ashworth, Shadow Secretary of State of Health, was repeatedly asked (even shouted at) by Piers Morgan is Labour would use Nuclear weapons if we were fired at, eventually Jon managed to yes (by this point Piers had lost his voice)

7. Corbyn, despite calling himself a feminist, gave all of the so called "top 5 jobs" within the Shadow Cabinet team, to men.

8. His ability to deal with the obvious growing anti-Antisemitism within the Labour party is particularly painful to watch. First of putting Ken "Hitler obsessed" Livingstone on the NEC was not a good idea, then during the press release of the inquiry into anti-Antisemitism within Labour, a Labour politician was "outed" by a Momentum Corbynista, and was overheard telling Jeremy Corbyn he had done so.

The MP was Ruth Smeeth, she walked out of the room visibly upset, and according to witnesses was even reduced to tears, Corbyn did nothing.

9. Jeremy also, when the IRA's bombing was at its height, stood for a minutes silence for 8 dead IRA terrorists. (Man of peace?)

10. Think I'll end with a John McDonnell favourite, when he said if he could travel back in time he would assassinate Margaret Thatcher.... lovely

So there's just 10 reasons why Labour have no-one but themselves to blame for what is looking more and more like a disastrous Labour Party defeat in just over a months time.

Monday, 1 May 2017

The Leak Of Juncker & May's Dinner Proves Leaving Was Right

A German newspaper has leaked the meal between Theresa May, and EU President Jean Claude Juncker.

It basically transpires that the EU have no care for Britain, and want what they can get out of us. They also said May was "living in a different galaxy", how diplomatic of them!

To me this just proves that voting to leave the EU was the correct thing to do. Why on earth would anyone want to stay part of an institution that has no regard for anyone else but lining their own pockets?

Greece is a prime example of how little the EU actually cares for what you need, or want.

In 2016 the Greek people voted in far left party Syriza. I am not a socialist, but I am a believer in democracy, therefore, the socialist party should have been allowed to carry out the socialist promises they had made.

The unelected EU said no, and ordered them to take to the austerity measures they had given the previous government, so Syriza ordered a referendum, and asked the Greek people to vote no, against the austerity measures the EU had set out.

The country voted with the Greek government, and what did the EU do? Gave them harsher austerity measures.

The EU is not a good thing, it is greedy, it is self satisfying, and it doesn't care for us people down here. We are just the tools for them to make their money.

Leaving was the right thing to do, now they can't have their grubby little clutches over our future!

The fact that people are taking this, yes disastrous, meal as May's fault it beyond pathetic.

We're only hearing one side, and that side doesn't care for the other side.

The EU will want to bleed Britain dry before we actually leave, as the greed from the likes of Juncker, and Merkel is outstanding and it surprises me that so many left wingers wanted to stay part of such a greedy institution.