Thursday, 2 November 2017

Westminster Sexual Harassment

What did I say? O'Mara was just the tip of the iceberg.

Michael Fallon, now ex Defense Secretary, has had to resign over his past actions, and no I doubt it was over touching Julia Hartley-Brewer's knee, it seems that there are other incidents as well.

Labour, by an well known activist Bex Bailey, have been accused of covering up an alleged rape. They told her if she spoke out, it would ruin her career.

Labour and the Tories will be absolutely crucified over these scandals. Neither side can try and score a political point.

Damien Green is now being investigated (deputy PM).

But I have to say, it's not the MP's I am so worried about, it's the Lords. We all know that there's been something dodgy about the House of Lords and their sexual activities have been a source of question for decades.

MP's rightly coming under fire for their misconduct, and rightly being persecuted for it. It has obviously gone on too long unchallenged.

I also worry about false allegations, because these will take away from the real victims.

If someone has touched your knee, that is NOT sexual harassment, it is annoying, it is inappropriate sometimes, but it is NOT sexual harassment.

If someone has called you "love", or "darling", or "hun", again this is not always derogatory, and when it is, I find the easiest way is to kill it with kindness, but amazingly I get that language mainly from women, not men.

However on the odd occasion when a man has said it in a derogatory way, I laugh them off.

So please do not take away from the real victims, such as Bex Bailey, or other victims who have genuinely suffered because a political party doesn't want their name being tarnished.

Once again, neither Labour nor the Tories can throw stones, both are in glass houses when it comes to this scandal, and quite rightly both parties should be brought over the coals for covering up such disgusting behaviour!

Friday, 27 October 2017

O'Mara Is Just The Start

What the left wing as a whole hate to admit is, there is a lot of racism, homophobia and misogyny within the Labour Party, and other smaller left wing parties.

They also demonise any people from the LGBTQ+ community for having anything they feel is right-wing/ centre-right political views.

The hypocrisy is astounding from the left. The pretend to be open minded, considerate, and accepting, yet in practice, they are anything but.

If you are part of the LGBTQ+ community, you're not accepted if you don't have left wing views. You're now not accepted if you're a "centrist", and you're hated, and discriminated if you're a Tory.

The violent language of the left, on social media, is vile. And Jared O'Mara is a symptom of it.

However, no one on the left, such as the Labour leader, or the Shadow Chancellor, or their journalist supporters, have the backbone to point out the disgusting abuse that is sent out.

Owen Jones has a bizarre way of showing that he is disgusted by O'Mara's homophobic, misogynistic, racist views. Apparently if you've made disgusting comments 15 years or more so ago, then you should be able to prove you've changed. If it's 8 years or less, then something should be done.

Also, no Tory is allowed to point out that O'Mara, who Labour knew of these comments 4 months before the election, that is a homophobic, misogynistic, racist.

Yet Owen himself will quite gladly hit out at any other politician from any other political party, and apparently will not forgive them either.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn also thought that O'Mara shouldn't have stepped down from the Equality Committee...... what does he think someone like O'Mara could bring? Back to the old days of when women were women, and men were men?!

I have a feeling O'Mara is just a taster of things to come with the new hard left politicians now getting into the Labour Party.

Friday, 20 October 2017

What Weasels!

How snake like of not only the EU, but Corbyn.

Both parties are trying to undermine Theresa May. What, Corbyn especially, isn't realising is, that if he does undermine her, he undermines us, the people who'll have to deal with the consequences, and that'll be the end of his career.

We're not stupid, we can see what stupid games the EU are playing, and remain voters can't help but think that the sun shines out of the unelected EU President's French backside.

Firstly, why does the EU want to meet a man with absolutely no power? What do they think they'll achieve? Absolutely nothing, because that is what he is.

Secondly, what did Corbyn think he could actually do, other than make Britain look pathetic? Corbyn has the Midas touch, however instead of turning everything into gold, Corbyn turns everything to sh*t.

The fact that he thought he could enhance anything is beyond hilarity, and the fact that he thought that the EU actually cared for what he had to say is sad.

The EU were using him, he was also using them, but sadly for him, Corbyn's is the one who's been rear-ended, not the Prime Minister.

People are laughing at him, not May.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Andrew Neil Is Right

The far left, which is now the Labour Party, has got away Scot free with the rise of anti-Semitism within the party.

Started with Ken Livingstone claiming that Hitler, the man who murdered six million Jews, was a Zionist.

Nothing from Corbyn.

Jackie Walker, who just so happens to be a decendant of Jews, a Holocaust denier, suspended, but immediately allowed back. At one point the Guardian colomnist Owen Jones even stated that it "had no justice", for the suspension. That was until she was video recorded spouting her hatred.

The masking of their hatred towards the Jewish community, by saying that they're only against the Israeli leader, Benjamin Netanyahu, and their regime, or even claiming free speech.

Which is ironic as they will not allow any type of criticism towards the Islamic community. What they don't realise is, by oppressing people's right to criticise they're fueling Islamophobia.

No one is stopping people from criticising Netanayhu or his regime, what they are concerned with the is the growing hatred towards to whole Jewish community. And yet, not one person, famous or otherwise has come out st speak against the growth of anti-Semitism, but they'll all come out speaking out against Islamophobia.

The hypocrisy, and irony that the far left cannot see they are as intolerable as the far right, is outstandingly scary.

When will someone from the far left, grow the balls to stand up and say, "This is wrong."? Or am I asking too much?

As we all know Corbyn did issue Shami Chakribarti to do an inquiry into anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, and we all know it wasn't worth the paper it was written on.

Firstly it had no conclusions, or solutions, and secondly, a Jewish Labour MP, Ruth Smeeth, received anti-Semitic abuse right in front of the Labour leader, who stood back and did nothing.

In fact the man who supposedly gave out the anti-Semitic abuse was recorded on video telling Jeremy what he had done, again Corbyn did nothing.

Something needs to be done, otherwise I fear this is only going to grow and grow, and we'll end up with two huge divides, Islamophobes vs anti-Semtics.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


What an utter shambles the Labour party are.

Firstly they're cocky, they're acting like the Tories did in 2015, and look where that has got them? A larger vote share, but smaller amount of MP's.

Labour are walking around like they won the 2017 general election, which is far from the truth. They lost, and they lost by quite a bit, they're ignoring the fact that Theresa May won a far greater share of the vote, 43%, something Blair and Thatcher would have killed for.

Secondly, the amount of bullying going on is disgusting.

1. Laura Kuensberg, a BBC journalist, has had to take a bodyguard with her because of the amount of death, rape and other threats she has received from Labour Party members.

Where's the outrage from the "decent" members of the party? Why would you want to be associated with people who cannot abide the fact that there are people who disagree with them?

Also where is Jeremy Corbyn's condemnation of such abhorrent behaviour? He's said a few measly words, but they were as believable as his speech for remaining in the EU.

2. Anti-Semitism is still rife within the Labour Party. People have been openly talking about denying the Holocaust ever happened. Using attacks on the Israeli leadership, or even "free speech" to spew their anti-Semitic views.

What's ironic about this is, people like Corbynista Owen Jones, will say that using free speech to have a priest who doesn't agree with gay marriage is an "abuse of free speech." So surely he'll be writing about how using the alias "free speech" is also abuse to view your racist views? Possibly not, the man is a consistent as a Arsenal's winning streak.

This conference has just proven what a pathetic, wannabe, clique the Labour party has turned into.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Repeal Bill

Last night's Repeal Bill, regarding the EU, passed through the House of Commons with a happy majority for Theresa May.

This just proves how incompetent, and pathetic the Labour still are.

The fact that even with the many knives lined up for her back, Theresa May still manages to get her MPs to vote in line with her, and how 7 Labour MPs don't really care for what Jeremy Corbyn is trying to set out.

One of the seven MPs who defied Corbyn was non-other than the Beast of Bolstover, Dennis Skinner. He vote WITH the government, and AGAINST long term friend, and boss Jeremy Corbyn.

Why? Because unlike Corbyn he has stuck to his principles. Skinner has been against the EU for decades, and just because Corbyn is a turncoat, doesn't mean he has to be.

So no I don't believe a staucn Brexiteer like Skinner went against Corbyn, instead he voted with integrity, unlike Corbyn the turncoat.

Looks like Corbyn and his so called "unified" party are anything but, and the power he desperately wants to grab is still far out of reach..... thankfully!

Thursday, 31 August 2017

20 Years On

As we all know, Diana, Princess of Wales, tragically died in a car crash 20 years ago today.

I was only seven, nearly 8 at the time, I remember my nan, and my mum watching the news all day, in utter shock.

I remember seeing people crying outside Buckingham Palace, and Kensington Palace, whilst the hoards of cellophane wrapped flowers grew and grew.

I even remember crying during the funeral because the music made me sad.

I also remember the mood of the public towards the royal family, and I as I look back, I am ashamed of us as a nation.

We bayed for the royals tears, not blood, but tears. We demanded the Queen publicly mourned, we demanded two young boys, who've just lost their mother, cry in front of us.

Basically, I believe, we as a nation, took away the right for the two teenagers to grieve the loss of their mother in private.

Imagine you've just lost your mum, and suddenly the press and the a nation want your grandmother for themselves? Want you to cry your tears in front of them?

You'd be angry, you'd say no. But they didn't, they gave us what we wanted, not what they needed.

How disgusting of us to take away that right from them. I don't believe Diana herself would have wanted her boys to be publicly sort after like that.

Even now we're still demanding to hear how they feel about their mother, about their grief, if they're over it.

So as a nation I believe we owe the Royal family, especially Princes William, and Harry, an apology, because we were selfish, we took away their rights to grieve as we all do ourselves, in private.