Monday, 12 September 2016

Corbyn's First Year

Jeremy Corbyn's first year as Labour leader has been......... fascinating to say the least.

Let's start from the beginning, the Labour leadership bid, it was a given thing that another Blairite/ Brownite/ Milibandite/ a mix of a three New Labour type leader would win.

Then Jeremy Corbyn entered the race.

Oh how he stole the "moderates" limelight.

What the New Labour politicians seems to forget is, to my generation, they're old news, we've lived it, received it's education, listened to their drivel.

Then there was Corbyn, a man we hadn't really heard of, a man who's politics my generation aren't used to at all.

He was unshaven, he was sow at answering questions, he didn't speak the political jargon, he smiled, he looked human.

Here is his first interview with supporter Owen Jones. Look how calm and relaxed he is, despite the fact he had just completed his morning run.

In fact when he was on the radio having a good deabte with his fellow leadership bidders, he was the calmest.

Perhaps because, despite what the polls were saying, he thought there wasn't a hope in hell he would win.

Well, he did win, and it's been a rather turbulent 12 months, let's go through his successes and failures so far as leader.

1. He won with a landsliding majority to become the new Labour leader.

2. He failed to get a woman into one the "top five" shadow cabinet roles, all of them went to men.

3. His past came back to bit him: e.g his close association with ex IRA leader Gerry Adams, calling terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah "friends" and inviting them for chats at the Houses of Parliament.

4. Upsetting his MPs in his first PLP meeting as Labour leader, this ended up with one MP telling journalists the meeting was a "complete f***ing shambles", another said it was a "joke" whilst one female MP told Diane Abbott to "f**k off".

5. Losing the vote on whether or not we should airstrike Syria...... Ed Miliband won his.

6. His Shadow Chancellor, and good friend, John McDonnell's gag of "Chairman Mao's little red book" didn't exactly go well, in fact it was a bit of a lead balloon.

7. The EU referendum didn't exactly go to plan for anyone, David Cameron ended up resigning, and has today resigned as an MP, but for Jeremy Corbyn it was just the tip of the iceberg.

8. Resignation after resignation, Jeremy faced over 40 resignations from his shadow cabinet/ ministerial team, not exactly a good look.

9. After the resignations, Jeremy faced a vote of no confidence  from 172 of his MPs, bearing in mind Labour only have 232, that's a huge majority against him, only 40 voted with confidence.

10. Leadership bid against Jeremy Corbyn was launched firstly by Angela Eagle, who was quickly out of the running, but Owen Smith soon followed suit and is currently running against Jeremy to become new Labour leader.

11. Anti-Semitism has plagued the Labour leader ever since Ken Livingstone was elected to the NEC. For some reason Livingstone can't help himself but mention Hitler's name whenever he's interviewed on TV or radio. Secondly, the press release for the inquest into anti-semitism within Labour had a Jewish Labour MP leave in tears.

Sadly the only upside I can point out was his landslide win last year, and I am sure he will get that again later this month.

Other than that, he has had more failures in one year, than what most have in five, and who's to blame? Quite obviously, and self evidently, it's Jeremy himself, or his team around him.

Who can sort this out? Jeremy himself, and his team around him, so come on Labour, sort yourselves out, and give us a genuine opposition.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

My Friend Claire

Dear Claire,

10 years ago today you died. 10 years ago!!

I can still remember that Thursday, a couple of hours before you passed, coming to see you like it was yesterday.

Even though it was obvious you were dying, you were all skin and bone, yet it still came to me as a shock that you died..... then again I've never been that quick have I?

Do you remember the time when, after suffering 3 different bouts of cancer in your left lung, the doctors removed it? Do you remember me coming with your parents to visit you? Do you remember what you were doing, 12 hours after surgery? Tripping other kids up with your drip!!!

You were such a nutter!

Do you remember when me and you downed a bottle of vodka before that particular operation, and you threw up in my kitchen?

Do you remember that helicopter ride?

Do you remember us all getting you into trouble at school so that the teachers treated you like they did us..... with contempt!

Do you remember fake crying at WGS because one teacher wouldn't let you go two minutes early, even the "it" girls stood up for you!

Anyway enough of the past, I thought I would bring you up to date with what's been going on!

Well some of the crew are mother's and or father's! Can you believe, some of our lot have made people!! Amazing I know!

Others have worked since we left school, whilst others went to uni.

Some of us are aunties or uncles, it's great because you can hand them back.

I did a sky dive for Helen and Douglas House five years after you passed. They treated you and your family so well I couldn't not do something for them.

Others have tattoos in memory of you, so you are literally a part of them.

You'd be turning 27 in two weeks time..... 27!!! How quick has it gone from childhood to adulthood? Too quick!

Anyway I'm going to let you go, as I am sure you're busy stalking Eminem, I'll be at your grave with a few of us later.

See you soon


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Tax On Small Businesses

Jeremy Corbyn, a man who really would like be seen as a Robin Hood figure, stealing from the rich to feed the poor.

However, after he has proposed to tax further on small businesses should he win the next Labour Leadership and General Election, he's just done the exact opposite.

Instead of going after the big guns like Amazon, Google, Starbucks, Vodafone, and others, he decided to go after the little guy.

I work for a small company, we will fail if taxes are raised, over 30 people will become unemployed, and possibly the bosses will go into bankruptcy.

But that's what Corbyn wants, because then we're relying on the state for handouts, he controls us, it's a nice step forward to state control.

Corbyn doesn't like entrepreneurs, he doesn't like people who want to fend for themselves without having to rely on others, he doesn't like individualism.

Sadly for him, too many people will have something to lose, he will never win the 2020 general election, what he will do is go down in history as the man who split the Labour Party.

Unlike what he wants us to believe, he's not a unifier, he is divisive, damaging, power hungry man who doesn't care who gets hurt along the way.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

What The F*ck Is Happening?

Inequality is not a word I like to use, especially in 21st Century.

Today Andrea Leadsome has said she was against gay marriage because it "hurt Christians."

Speaking as a Christian, it hasn't hurt me, in fact, I doubt that God would would be that upset either.

Firstly, there are bigger problems than two people of the same sex getting married going on the world.

One of them being racism, and in America, racism against black people is rife, and it's angering me beyond belief.

Now I am not one for going along with a hashtag, but #BlackLivesMatter is something people around the world should take notice of, especially when it comes to the treatment of black people in the USA.

In two days US cops have gunned down and killed two black men, for no apparent reason, and their horrific deaths have been filmed.

Firstly Alton Stirling, who was shot and killed for what looks like nothing. I have watched the video of his death, there was no need for the gun to be pulled, let alone for the police officer to pull the trigger at point blank range.

Now Philando Castile. A man who was shot by other police officers whilst his girlfriend sat next him, and she filmed the whole thing.

What was he shot for? Again, nothing.

Last year we saw the deaths of Sandra Bland, who was pulled over for a minor traffic offence, the police officer pulled a gun on her, and took her in to be questioned, not sure why as wasn't acting defensively, not until she had a gun in her face at least.

Sandra Bland, according to the official reports, "committed suicide", a strong headed, seemingly rather wise lady killed herself in custody.... doesn't add up to me.

Then there was Walter Scott, who was pulled over because his brake light wasn't working, the police officer shot him five times fatally, Scott was unarmed, and only 50 years old.

Eric Garner, 43 years old, who may or may not have been selling cigarettes illegally, was strangled to death, in the video you can hear him say "I can't breathe", the police officer choked Garner until he died, what for? Again, nothing.

Freddie Gray, who's death sparked the Baltimore riots last year, was 25 year old, who died in police custody, he was initially arrested for illegally carrying a switchblade.

Now by all means, arrest him, but why is he now dead? He was apparently, this is eye witness testiments, beaten with "batons" and his leg pulled backwards as well as one officer kneeling on Gray's neck with his knee.

Michael Brown was only 18 when a police officer shot and killed him. Seven shots. All to do with petty theft.

These sorts of things I believe God would take an issue, with, not two people in love saying I do.

The level of inequality I see growing again bothers me, especially with the rise of politicians like Donald Trump who is an out and open racist, and proud of it.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Why I Am Backing May

I like Theresa May, and here's why:

Firstly she managed to deport Abu Qatada, an extremist Islamist hate preacher, who Labour would have kept.

She didn't deport Gary McKinnon, an autistic hacker, who Labour would have deported to the USA, only to see him commit suicide.

For those saying she has failed on immigration figures, anyone would, the last Labour government set everyone else up for fools.

They were given seven years by the EU to set a quota on how many EU migrants the UK would except, they didn't set any, so when immigrants from Arabic or Asian countries come over, and get the EU membership at France, Romania, Germany, Belgium, of course we had/ have to accept them.

So anyone who would have won in the 2010 general election would have been set up for a fool.

She didn't allow the use of water cannons, and lets be honest, in Britain majority of protests, strikes that take place are pretty peaceful, very rare nowadays do we see violence, because the people using these protests as ways of letting the government know we are angry, don't want to be branded as vandals.

She stopped two extreme American Islamaphobes from entering the UK in 2013 saying that they would not be "conductive to the public good."

She has been a brilliant Home Secretary, she has more balls than all the men in the front Tory bench put together, and she is a woman of principal.

One more thing, I don't care how she voted in the referendum, I don't care if she changed her mind along the way, all I care about is the person best fit for the job, and in my opinion, Theresa May is the best.

She's tough but fair, open yet stubborn, this is something we need right now.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Battle Of The Somme

In 2013 during Help for Heroes Big Battlefield Bike Ride we went to Thiepval where they have all the names of the soldiers who died at during the Battle of the Somme.

Hundreds of thousands of names, all etched in the walls, all these graves surrounding the area, all the pain, bloodshed, and death 100 years previous.

It hits you hard.

Every memorial we stopped at, an ex-soldier said something, these words for some reason have never left me:

"As you ride on, please do silently, as they sleep beneath your feet."

No one said a word for miles.

You could only imagine what these poor young men went through, the hundreds and thousands of them, laying down their lives for us, for me, for you, for future generations, as we rode through some of the most beautiful French countryside.

I want to thank Help for Heroes for giving me some of the best memories of my life.

Be proud of them, honour them, remember them.

"When you go home, tell them of us and say"
"For their tomorrow, we gave our today."

Lest we forget.

Kind and Decent? Yeah Right

During a press conference today regarding the report into Labour's anti-semitism problem, Corbyn managed to compare Israel to ISIS, and a Labour Jewish MP, Ruth Smeeth, was attacked which made her walk out in tears.

What did Corbyn do? Absolutely nothing, he didn't intervene, he didn't apologise, he didn't even acknowledge the fact that one of his own MPs had been attacked, and in a very public way.

Also to compare the country Israel to ISIS beggars belief.

When has Israel thrown gay men off of buildings?

When has Israel gang raped women, then stoned them to death for being raped?

When has Israel launched an attack on their own people, burying women and children alive?

Since Corbyn's leadership he has proven he is many things, but kind and decent he is not? Not even a smidgen of evidence has come through for that to be true, other than the fact he once made tea for a cameraman, whoop de do!