Saturday, 17 June 2017

Labour's Reaction To The Grenfell Disaster Shows The Depths Of Their Depravity

We don't even know how many have died from the Grenfell Tower disaster yet, and already Labour have tried to make political gains out of their deaths.

What a vile, disgusting, self-centred thing to do, capitalising on deaths of innocence.

Labour seems to know no bounds, there are no depths of depravity they will stoop to.

Yes Theresa May has questions to answer, but so does every single area with a tower block, that includes Lib Dem and Labour constituency's.

I am utterly disgusted at all political parties at the moment, Tories with misreading the public, and buggering up what should have a whitewash of a general election, and Labour with their depths of depravity.

Think about it, Labour are NOT showing compassion, they are showing that they're still campaigning and are trying to use this awful disaster for their political gain...... sickening.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Grenfell Tower Lessons

Quite rightly people are angry, and demanding answers, and justice for the fire that has killed God knows how many people, and taken away the homes, and possessions people had.

However, for those of you who think it is wise, funny, and clever to try and take over this protest, and I don't normally stand up for protests, by beating up cameramen, and causing havoc, you are taking away from the cause of why people are there in the first place.

Yes, Theresa May, and even the Labour Party, have a lot to answer for, as it seems to me saving on spending, versus people lives, was more important.

This is disgusting, vile, and downright Dickensian.

This is something you'd expect to hear about when Queen Victoria was on the throne, not something we should hear about in the 21st Century.

Yes protest, yes demand answers, yes be angry, because without anger no change can be made, and I've always said, anger is a dangerous emotion to play with, because thats when things start to happen, and usually the people at the top are public enemy number one, and for the enemy is not only the Tories, but Labour too.

Both parties have failed in making sure that lives have been put first, both parties have made sure that their paymasters are happy, not the voters that get them where they are in the first place.

Both parties need to take a long hard look at themselves, and realise people won't, and don't, take these completely preventable atrocities lying down, and quite rightly.

Things need to change, party politics needs to change, both parties need to remind themselves that the real paymasters of their success are us, the voters, the everyday Joe's who go to work, pay our taxes, fund their spending habits.

Grenfell needs to be a bloody well tough lesson to all politicians, life will not go down without a fight. You've awoken the monster, you now deal with it.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Labour Will See Britain Fall

People try to have ago at Theresa May for her time as Home Secretary, despite the fact she did more in 6 years than any Labour Home Secretary did in 13 years.

Hate preachers such as Abu Qatada and Abu Hamsa under Labour were protected, Theresa May deported them.

Gary McKinnon, an aspergers sufferer who managed to hack into the American Intelligence files, would have been deported to the USA under Labour, Theresa May saved his life, as it was very clear that had he have been deported he would have taken his own life.

Firstly Corbyn recently said that "I am not happy with the shoot to kill policy." After three attacks in Britain, is this the type of leader we need?

Corbyn also proudly announce in 2011 that he had voted against every single anti-terror legislation since he became an MP in 1983.

Reminder that all the hackings, such as the hacking of murdered teenager Milly Dowler phone, happened under a Labour government.

Labour had 13 years to set up an inquiry to get the truth about what truly happened at Hillsborough, instead it was a Tory lead coalition government.

Labour started the war in Iraq on false pretences, and as the Chilcot Inquiry heard, there were other avenues that Labour could have gone down, yet failed to.

Labour sold our gold reserve for its lowest ever value. How? Because the then Chancellor decided to announce it before selling it, allowing the price to drop to ridiculous levels.

Every single Labour government that has ever been has left unemployment higher than when it entered office.

Corbyn, and two of his Shadow Cabinet members (McDonnell Shad Chancellor, & Abbott Shad Home Secretary) supported the IRA cause, with McDonnell claiming that "it's about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle. It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table."

Diane Abbott said "A defeat in Northern Ireland would be a defeat indeed."

Corbyn himself stood for minutes silence for 8 dead IRA would be bombers. Although he trying to re-write history and say it was a ceremony remembering everyone killed. This is a lie.

Another lie Corbyn spews is how he never met any members of the IRA in the 80's, here he is with his IRA leader friend.

Jeremy Corbyn also described terrorists such as Hamas and Hezbollah as friends. Whether this was just left wing terminology or not, saying this is an insult to all who have been maimed and murdered at the hands of these barbarians. He invited them for a chat in parliament, fat lot of good that's done....

Jeremy Corbyn would also give the Falkland Islands to Argentina, despite the Falklander's, only a few years ago, voting in overwhelming support to stay part of the UK. Out of a possible 1516 votes, 1513 people voted for, 3 voted against. Proof Corbyn has no regard for democracy.

Another example for how Corbyn has no regard for democracy, if there is a hung parliament he'd rely on the Liberal Democrats, who want to overturn the votes of 17.5 million people, and stay within the EU. As well as sidling up to the Britain hating SNP.

Corbyn has also voted against his own party over 500 times, if he can't be loyal to his own party, how on earth could he be loyal to Britain?

He "campaigned" for Britain to remain within the EU, despite decades of campaigning against the EU. Here he is saying what he really feels about the EU.

Conservatives have seen unemployment drop, raised tax free allowance for the lowest paid, if you're earning £12k a year, you now take home £11,500 under Labour you took home just under half of that.

Conservatives have also raised the minimum wage, police budget, spending on NHS, transport, defence, and education.

It always takes a Conservative government to make the difficult decisions such as austerity measures, because Labour have not budgeted correctly. Hence the IFS damning review of their manifesto, claiming it would do more harm to Britain than good.

So on Thursday, vote Conservative, it's the only safe choice.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


What a sorry bunch of so called "leaders", the only winner? Theresa May for not turning up!

Some say she's running scared, and you're probably right, of the sorry, childish, incompetent bunch of leaders.

Squabbling like children in a playground over who's got the best dad (I do by the way).

Over talking, over shouting, not answering. The only decently behaved wasn't even a leader of a party, and that was Amber Rudd.

She was composed, dignified whilst being vilified, from each and everyone else on that panel.

Why do anyone of the others deserve to be elected after that shambles?

Friday, 26 May 2017


Just when I thought Jeremy Corbyn couldn't get any lower in my expectations, he then blames us & British Foreign policies for the attack in Manchester on Monday, that killed 22 young people.

In essence what Corbyn is doing is giving these murdering, cowardly scumbags an excuse to carry on killing innocence.

He backed the IRA, he's called terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah friends, as well as inviting these homophobic, women hating wank stains into parliament for chats.

Jeremy Corbyn is not a man of peace, nor is he a man who backs Britain.

How can anyone in their right mind, vote for such a despicable, two faced, lying, cowardly, terrorist sympathising wimp such as him?


Again Jeremy today has blamed British foreign policy on terrorist attacks, but here is another way how his point is made redundant.

France, Belgium, and Sweden didn't go into the Iraq war why were they attacked?

Italy, Poland, and Bulgaria did go to either Afghanistan or Iraq and they haven't been attacked, why?

Also, what foreign policy have the Yazidis, Hazaras, and Shiites got to do with ISIS massacring them?

Problem for Corbyn, he has no answers.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Are Politicians Bullet Proof?

I've read time and time again, since the awful news broke about the Manchester bombing at an Ariana Grande concert, that politicians live in a bullet proof world.

Tell that to Jo Cox.... you can't because she was shot dead by some nutjob who doesn't deserve to be named.

Tell that to Airey Neave.... again you can't because he killed outside Parliament in 1979 by the IRA

Tell that to Rev. Robert Bradford, Sir Anthony Beery, and Ian Gow..... you can't because they were all victims of the IRA.

Even the royal family were effected by terrorism when the IRA killed Prince Charles's favourite uncle, Lord Mountbatten on a family holiday in a boat, County Sligo.

Politicians are not living in bullet proof worlds, to believe such a thing is ignorance.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Corbyn Is King of U-Turns

Jeremy Corbyn today has come out against Theresa May for apparently u-turning on the social health care policy for dementia patients.

This is rather hilarious, and completely hypocritical, here's Corbyn's two biggest u-turns.

1. The EU. For decades, and decades the Labour leader campaigned alongside Tony Benn, for Britain to leave the EU for it's undemocratic workings. However when he became Labour leader, and Cameron gave us the referendum, he suddenly had a change of hearts and "campaigned" for remain.

2. Trident. Another policy the Labour leader has campaigned for decades for Britain to lose it's nuclear deterrent, again he appears to have had a change of heart, and has now said if he should win, Britain would keep Trident.

Jeremy Corbyn is not honest, is not honourable, and is not decent, he is a power hungry Marxist who wants to put Britain into financial ruin, whilst sidling up to the terrorist likes of Sinn Fein, Hamas, and Hezbollah.