Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Utterly Shambolic

When I think of the Labour Party, I generally think economically illiterate, however good hearts.

That was until Mr Corbyn and his nasty bunch took over.

Apparently, whilst discussing the Anti-Semitic problems Labour have been having since Mr Corbyn's win back in September 2015, they left out the people who are actually facing the problem, the Jewish Labour Movement.

Not only that they allowed someone, who is currently being investigated for Anti-Semitic remarks, to not only stand in last weeks local elections, but win!

The Labour Party is NOT serious about Anti-Semitism, it's obvious Corbyn and his crew don't care that Jews are being persecuted for no good reason, if anything they sympathise with Anti-Semitic views.

Their lack of action on the matter makes this clear.

Corbyn is ruining the Labour Party, he is denying the country of a decent opposition on holding the government to account, and hasn't a backbone to deal with racism within his own party.

What a shambolic bunch of wank stains they really are!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

What Absolute Bollocks

Labour is no longer a political party, but just a group people chatting bollocks, victimising those they disagree with, yet trying to come across as the victim themselves.

Labour are asking for Theresa May and Amber Rudd to resign, ignoring the fact that they had thirteen whole years in office where they could have done something regarding the Windrush scandal. But in true Labour style, they didn't.

It was under the last Labour government that ignored the hacking scandals, only because the people committing the hackings were their paymasters. It took a Tory led coalition government to bring an end to it. One of the funniest things about the whole scandal? John Prescott was hacked, the then deputy Prime Minister. Not exactly a great advertisement for wanting to become the new governing party is it?

It was also the Labour produced the very stupid, and very racist "immigration mug" under so called "moderate" then Labour leader Ed Milliband!

It is also Labour, a party who is lead by a man who said he would bring a "kinder, and gentler politics" to the table, currently undergoing an existential crisis of anti-Semitism. It is also the same man who said he wanted a "kinder, and gentler politics" who is doing absolutely bugger all about it.

His meeting with Jewish leaders ended up with him just excusing the bahviour. Why? Because the minimal Corbyn sympathises, and empathises with anti-Semitic views, if not agrees.

He has called the known terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah "friends". He has reluctantly suspended known anti-Semites from the party, only to allow them back in.

The Labour party is being headed by a man who refuses to condemn the actions of the Syrian regime, which chemically bombs it's own people for no apparent reason.
A man who thought terrorist like the IRA were worth listening too, and even stood still for a minutes silence commemorating 8 dead IRA soldiers.

A man who has now been endorsed by ex BNP leader Nick Griffin, and their only remaining councillor. In fact Corbyn is probably a man who wouldn't have backed going into World War II.

Labour are no position to be lecturing anyone on decency, morals, or racism. Perhaps if they sorted out their own shit, and got rid of Corbyn and his thugs, then and only then could they cast dispersion's on anyone else.

People in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018


Whether people agree with Theresa May or not, she has shown real leadership.

People like Owen Jones, who oppose because they're stuck in the past of the Iraq invasion, are not listening to her words.

Theresa May does NOT want to overthrow Assad, she wants him to stop chemically bombing his people.

Why not talk to him then? I hear people cry, well I will answer with a question.

Is someone who, for no apparent reason, chemically bombs their own people, really the type of person to change their mind because they've been spoken to? No, he isn't.

It's not like a parent getting their own back on their kids by saying "I'm not angry, just disappointed." Assad is a brutal dictator, and will only understand brute force.

Jeremy Corbyn has proven time and time again he sympathises with extremist views, such as the IRA, Russia, Cuba, and now the Syrian regime.

He idolises people like Castro, Stalin, and Lenin, all of whom have one thing in common, they're all dictators.

Theresa May was correct to do what she did, Jeremy Corbyn is living in a ideological world, which doesn't exist.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Tough On Racism? Pull The Other One!

Corbyn, who's recently had to leave many anti-Semitic groups on Facebook, has said Labour is tough on all racism.

I don't normally swear on here, but what a load of bollocks!

Corbyn IS an anti-Semite. He doesn't like the Jewish community, hence why he has befriended many an anti-Semite, and been vocally part of many groups on Facebook.

Today we have learnt that Christine Shawcroft, a member of Momentum and the NEC, has had to resign as the party's head of disputes over the fact she has defended anti-Semite Alan Bull, a Holocuast denier. (She's still a member of the NEC)

The fact that Corbyn and co only acted once it was leaked to the press is a worrying sign that he, if NOT agrees with anti-Semitism, he at least empathises with it.

Corbyn wants to prove he's against anti-Semitism? Then do something about it BEFORE anything gets leaked, you know who they are, get rid of them.

However, we all know he won't. Not only does Corbyn NOT have principles, he also doesn't have a backbone.

He's a coward, who has hidden from responsibility his whole life.

Prime Minister in waiting? More like Prime Jester failing.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Women Only Shortlists

It's a sad day when the supposedly party of equality, thinks that the only way they could every get a female leader is to have an all women shortlist for the next leader (whenever that should happen).

Harriet Harman must, and all the other female MPs, must feel quite depressed that their party, who's main agenda is equality, can't live up to it itself.

Unlike the Conservatives, who not only have a current female leader, who just also happens to be Prime Minister, but that it is their second female leader and Prime Minister.

Must be a huge slap in the face.

The last leader contest that the Conservatives had, two years ago, had some pretty heavy weight male MP's competing. However when push came to shove, they just weren't good enough to beat Andrea Leadsome, and of course our Prime Minister, Theresa May to the final two.

Theresa May ultimately won because of a blunder Andrea Leadsome made. She made reference to the fact the Theresa May didn't have children, therefore she didn't have a stake in the future. This upset a lot of people because Theresa May couldn't have children, not that she didn't want them.

In this day and age, where we have had two female Prime Minister's, both from the same party, and the opposition struggles to give women a so called "top 5 position" within the Shadow Cabinet, you know there's a problem.

All women shortlists I find rather degrading, it's almost like the Labour Party is saying "you're not good enough, strong enough, or convicting enough to up against a man."

They're putting a plaster over the issue instead of dealing with it head on. It's ignoring the reasons why Labour are unable to vote for a woman.

Until they get their heads around why, perhaps they have't got a female MP with the talent to be a leader, or perhaps there's an underlying issue of misogyny that they have to face, or a mix of both.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Principles? Where

For a man who has claimed he is a man of principles, Corbyn seems to have dropped them for a small political gain.

The problem he'll find now? The working class Labour leave voters will feel, because they have been, ditched.

Corbyn is trying to kick Theresa May where it hurts, when in actual fact he's kicked himself.... again.

Yesterday was the beginning of the end for Corbyn. No more can he say he's a man of principle, he has turned into, what we in the Conservatives already knew, a true politician.... he's a liar.

No more can he say straight talking after all the u-turns he's done on Labour's Brexit stance.

No more can he say he's got integrity after years, in fact decades of campaigning with the likes of Tony Benn, against the EU.

Corbyn is a snake, he isn't for the many, he's for himself, and yesterdays political stunt was the biggest show of selfishness that has ever been shown by any politician before.

He doesn't care what 17 million people wanted. He thinks he's now going to win the next general election by selling out on his own beliefs.

Instead of "For the many, not the few" slogan, Labour can now have "For myself, and not for you".

What a complete and utter sell out snowflake Corbyn is.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

McDonnell vs Bradley

Yesterday the left were spouting false hysteria over an old tweet the new Tory vice chairman, Ben Bradley.

He deleted a tweet saying that we should "splat the chav", in regards to the use of water cannons and the 2011 rioters.

What he said was wrong, but nothing worth getting your knickers in a twist.

However John McDonnell, the Shadow Chancellor, said if he could go back in time he would assassinate Thatcher. He then repeated this much to the delight of Angela Rayner MP.

He also, apparently, re-quoted someone by saying they should lynch Tory MP Esther McVey, and if a Corbyn led Labour party were to win a general election, he would like to see all Tories "hounded".

What did left have to say about all those rather vile, misogynistic comments? Absolutely nothing.

Jared O'Mara, Labour MP, posted some rather misogynistic, and derogatory comments back in 00's. The likes of Owen Jones said he should be given a chance to prove he's changed, yet then called for the sacking of Toby Young for a rather distasteful tweet.

The hypocrisy is predictable, and the irony is sad. The left need a long hard look in the mirror before they start throwing stones, because before they know it, they'll be buried in their own rubble.