Friday, 20 March 2015

How Long Will The Peace Between Labour & SNP Last?

How long will this truce between Labour and SNP last after Ed Balls has admitted he won’t undo anything George Osborne has set out in the spring Budget?

I can’t see Nichola Sturgeon being very impressed with the Shadow Chancellor’s words, especially after she claimed that the SNP would “Never, ever prop up a Tory government.” Might as well if Labour isn’t going to reverse or change anything that the Tories have done.

If the Scot’s want to break up the union over a picture, they’re more fickle than what they come across, and as I have Scottish family who are SNP voters, I know for a fact they didn't care if The Sun put her head on Tyrannosaurus Rex.

 So people are leaving the Labour Party for the SNP, who won’t prop up a Tory government, but will do a deal with the Labour Party, who won’t reverse any of the Tory cuts, and the people who left the Labour Party for the SNP did so because they want a “radical” alternative to the Tories…..
All a bit contradictory if you ask me.

Then there’s Tony Blair (the smiling assassin), who nearly destroyed Labour’s relationship with the Trade Unions (their policy makers, and pay masters), and decided to take a big leap towards the right, which was the government in which Ed Miliband gained his political career working for Gordon Brown for ten years, who now has a Shadow Chancellor, who won’t reverse any Tory cuts, who is also a Brownite.

No wonder the Scot’s don’t like Labour anymore.

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