Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Labour's Problem? They're Depressed!

Every time Labour talk they sound depressed.

Everything is always a crisis, if it's not a "Cost of living crisis" or a "Housing crisis".

With Labour the sky is never clear, but cloudy, doom and gloom.

"The NHS is being sold off!" "RIP NHS" They cry, yet here it is still standing strong, unlike in Wales where the Labour run NHS is doing 10 times worse than the English NHS.

"There's a cost of living crisis." Yet wages are going above inflation, of which is falling, and employment is up by nearly 2 million.

Under the government, a Labour government, unemployment rose to 2.5 million. Yet it's now that we are in the crisis.

"If the UK is broken up, the Tories will be to blame", yet it's Ed Miliband who is polled BELOW David Cameron up in Scotland. A Tory leader is preferred by the Scottish people to a Labour leader, they will never admit it.

Under the last government we had unemployment up, NHS was in dire straits (Mid Staff), tax dodgers were ripe like HSBC who started tax dodging in 2006/07 when Ed Balls, the current Shadow Chancellor, was City Minister.

To be fair to the left, every time a genuine left wing party has over taken a country, like Russia, Cuba, North Korea, China, Venezuela, it has ended in doom and gloom.

When Lenin took down the Russian monarchy and became their new dictator, people starved worse than what they had before, and some even turned to cannibalism.

In Venezuela there are thousands queuing for hours everyday because food is so scarce, and now live under a dictatorship (sorry a "decree").

China, North Korea are all the same.

So I can see why the left a bit down in the dumps,the only problem I find with them moaning about this current government is, they offer no solutions.

Mansion Tax won't solve our problems, in fact many hard working class people will be effected by it. Bankers Bonus Tax won't help solve our debt issues, nor will taxing corporations to the hilt, causing them to tighten their spending habits, and eventually sack employees, making them have to spend more and more on the welfare state.

Labour are not the answer, purely for the reason, they have no answers, only doom and gloom predictions for the future.

The future is bright, but it's certainly isn't red!

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