Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Ed & Tony

Tony Blair has said he backs Ed Miliband 100%.

For many in the Labour camp, that is the kiss of death, which it shouldn't be as the man won three consecutive elections.

But seeming as most of the Labour party, and majority of the electorate despise Blair because of his deceit during his premiership, it is.

Unlike Thatcher, Blair is hated by his own party, whereas Thatcher is loved by the Conservatives.

So, why does Blair back Miliband 100%? Because he won't give you or I a voice, Blair doesn't care, and apparently nor does Ed, how reassuring....

Many polls show how majority of people would vote to STAY, not leave, in the EU, so why are they running scared?

This should also be a warning sign to any left of Blair Labour supporters, Ed doesn't want you to have your say, nor does he want anyone else, just like Blair.

Remember when around 2 million people marched against the invasion of Iraq? The one Blair ignored, because his head so far up Bush's arse?

So, if Blair hadn't flashed the cash, would Ed Miliband be as warm to him as he is being? Seeming as I remember Ed Miliband trying to distance himself from Blair and the horrors of New Labour just a few days ago at the 7 way leadership debates.

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