Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Mediterranean Migrants

Someone said last night "Teresa May has blood on her hands" for not helping the migrants trying to escape their country, Syria.

Teresa May has no blood on her hands, the people who have blood on their hands are ISIS, Assad, and those who are overcrowding these unsafe boats with people who will obviously risk their lives to escape what's ISIS, and Assad are putting the Syrian people through.

Imagine making money out of people's suffering, and death, which is exactly what these smugglers are doing.

Imagine having to chose from risking loosing your life to ISIS, or the Assad regime, and the risk of drowning in the Mediterranean?

Imagine putting your life, and that of your child's, at risk to flee the disturbing and disgusting behavior of your own government, and so called people.

I'm not going to lie, I can't imagine what its like to be in that position, I don't know what I'd chose, but I certainly wouldn't be blaming some Home Secretary in Britain, I'd be blaming the people who should be standing up for my country, not killing us.

Today in The Independent I saw this harrowing picture of a dead child being lift out of the boat.

If he stayed in Syria, he'd have most likely died, he died trying to escape the horrors of ISIS and Assad.

ISIS, and Assad need to be stopped in order to stop more tragedies like this from happening, prevention is far better than cure.

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