Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Stanch of Hypocrisy From The Left Is Nauseating

The hypocrisy from the left is painful, extremely painful.

Today on a Facebook page, it pointed out that Margaret Thatcher’s old election coach was up for sale, the comments I read were disgusting.

“Use it for any form of socialism, then I would attached it to her body to generate electricity.” Over a hundred likes, and dozens of people agreeing.

Now imagine someone saying something like that against Tony Benn? Can you imagine the anger, and outrage that would come from the left?

The left seem that they have one rule for them, and another for the rest of us, it’s OK to say something personally nasty if you’re leftwing because you believe in equality, but god forbid you do it on any other side.

Another one of their hypocritical moments is when The Daily Mail printed a page saying that Ed Miliband’s father hated Britain.

Quite rightly Ed came out fighting in his father’s defence, and to be fair so did David Cameron, and the left as a whole were absolutely fuming.

But when left-wing feminist Jack Monroe said “Because he uses stories about his dead son as misty-eyed rhetoric to legitimise selling our NHS to his friends.” And when the right showed their anger at this, she somehow made herself the victim!

Could she see that her tweet was wrong in anyway? No. Has she apologised for using a dead disabled child, who she never met, or had anything to do with? No.

Could the left see the difference between using a man who was politically motivated, versus using a dead child who had no political beliefs, and was severely disabled? No.

It’s the same when Russell Brand says he wants us to become greener, yet drives one of the most uneconomical cars in existence.

Or when Tony Benn spent his whole life preaching against tax evasion, then used a loophole so that his children didn’t have to pay tax on the £5 million inheritance he’d left them.

Or how about yesterday’s “non-dom” abolishment, or are they reforming it? No-one knows.

Are the right hypocritical? Yes, of course they are, we’re all human, the difference is, we don’t put ourselves on some moral high ground, we don’t claim that we can make everyone happy, we know that equality, as lovely as it sounds is impossible to reach.

There will always be inequality, why? Because you can’t please everyone. Socialism won’t magical please everyone, and won’t magically get rid of inequality.

Look at the many different ways socialism had brought about more inequality like in Cuba, living under a dictatorship, or Venezuela where it can cost around $755 to get a pack of condoms.

Or when Lenin, and Stalin ruled Russia. Creating larger famines than ever known before, causing people to turn to cannibalism.

Or perhaps when North Korea’s current dictatorship leads a luxurious life, whilst his people live in squalor.

Or in Hong Kong, where they were given a leader by the Chinese, and refuse to let the people have a voice, and decide themselves who they want to have as their leader. (Just a quick reminder, the current leader of Hong Kong told his people to be "more like sheep" is that the type of equality they're after?!)

Or even here, in 21st Century Britain, where the so called “peoples party” won’t give us a say on whether we want to stay in the EU or not (polls suggest we want to stay, so why are they running scared?)

Then there’s Ed Miliband, spent five years trying to distance himself from the terror that was New Labour, but accepts with great delight Tony Blair’s backing, and money. Is New Labour dead? Not under Ed it ain’t.

Labour, and the left in general, reek of hypocrisy, and the smell is only getting worse.

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