Wednesday, 29 April 2015

#Milibrand Interview

It's no secret, I'm no fan of either Ed Miliband, or Russell Brand.

I find it pathetic that Ed Miliband felt the need to be interviewed by a comedian in order to get to young people. Milibrand interview

If they're following Brand's "Trews News" then they'll have already heard Ed speaking, and would have most likely chosen to not vote, and majority would have missed the opportunity to register to vote.

Now here's my problems with the content of the interview.

Firstly Brand asked quite a few questions which went unanswered, such as about the NHS and the PFI contracts.

Miliband also claimed to have taken on Murdoch:


I don't know about you, but I don't call that taking on Murdoch. I do wish Brand had asked him "When you were in government, and the whole hacking scandal happened, why didn't you, as the government, do something about it back then?"

No-one has ever asked this of Miliband, and it seems to be a nice little fact that the left love to bury under the carpet.

When asking Miliband about the PFI contracts, why didn't he ask him "When you were last in government, why didn't you personally stand up and argue against the PFI contracts?"

When Ed was saying about bringing up minimum wage to £8 an hour, why didn't Brand ask, "where are the smaller businesses, who are not corrupt huge corporations, who don't avoid tax, going to get the money from to pay for this?"

When Ed said about getting rid of them non-dom status, why didn't he ask "Well Ed, you were in the last government, why didn't you push for these things back then?"

I honestly found the interview pathetic. I was hoping Brand would be on fire with his questions, and hard hitting points to make.

Instead Miliband dodged, avoided, and evaded, (everything he claims to hate) all the questions that Brand asked, which were weak.

At the end of the video, Brand says we've learnt a lot about Labour. What exactly did we learn? Other than what's already been said?

Brand also said we learnt a lot about Miliband, what did we learn about Miliband? Other than he'd be good at dodge-ball (to be fair to Ed, all politicians are the same). 

I learnt nothing new of the Labour leader, neither did I learn anything new about his policies for Britain.

If Brand wants to point out what he thinks I should have learnt, he is more than welcome too.

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