Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Achievements The Tories Have Made

Believe it or not, but the Tories have done some good things during their time leading a coalition government, some of these things have been at their own expense.

  1. More jobs - in fact nearly 2 million jobs have been made
  2. Lowering taxes 
  3. Raising personal allowance
  4. Gay marriage (definitely at the cost of some voters, but worth it)
  5. Extraditing Abu Qatada (Labour would have kept him)
  6. Keeping Gary McKinnon (Labour would have extradited him
  7. Cut corporation tax (which is good for small to medium companies)
  8. Scottish Independence referendum (Labour would not offer it, just like the EU referendum)
  9. Crime is down
  10. Cut the red tape that was surrounding many of our industries
  11. Capped benefits
  12. Faster Broadband
  13. Benefit claimants are down
  14. Fuel duty has not been raised
So before you start bad mouthing off what this government hasn't achieved just have a look at what they have achieved

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