Monday, 20 April 2015

If Capitalism Is So Wrong, Why Do You Use It?

If Capitalism is so bad, why do so many, who shout their anger from the many stages they've presided on, use it?

Russell Brand for instance, is a fine specimen of a capitalist.

He's had two number 1 selling books, sell out stand up comedy tours, and even had his own chat show.

If it's so bad, why are you using it for your own personal gain?

Same with Vivienne Westwood, one of the most sort after fashion designers, quite happily excepts the money off of the rich, yet claims to be an anti-capitalist.

Or Owen Jones, the Guardian columnist, who quite happily will take the money from his two sell out books, and interviews he does on the BBC.

There's also Billy Bragg, left musician who quite happily accepts working class people's money for his records.

Len McCluskey, on a six figured salary, all thanks to us, the working class. Surely as someone who strongly believes in socialism, wouldn't it be better if the salary was lessened, and more money was put back into the union in order to help your members? No?

They'll all scream "I'm allowed to make a living." Indeed, and by all means do. But a profit?! You've all claimed you hate big businesses making profits, yet will quite happily help them make profits when your own personal interests are involved.

Please do claim to be one thing, then do another. Not only is it hypocritical, and contradicting, it's getting boring now.

Just like businesses, you've all made your money through us, the people, the working classes. (Except Vivienne, who quite happily accepts big businesses money when they're buying her product.)

If you don't like profits, make a nice donation to the HMRC and help us all out, or stop moaning, you're embarrassing yourselves as well as others.


  1. Most people tend to use socialism, spend everything they have then start borrowing ;)