Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Baltimore Riots

Last nights Baltimore riots are different from the ones we had in London 4 years ago.

In America black people are treated unfairly, for instance Eric Harris was shot and killed. He said to police "I'm losing my breath" to which the office replied "fuck your breath".

Then there's the instance of Walter Scott who was pulled over for his back light failing, ended up getting shot to death for no apparent reason. The Officer had made up his story completely.

Eric Garner was strangled to death by a police officer last year, he very little struggle, and even informed them that he couldn't breath yet the officer didn't loosen his choke hold him.

Black people in the USA are unfairly judged by the police. Of course there will be anger, and when anger is built up in such large numbers of course stupid things will happen like looting, arson, and general disarray.

I'm not giving these people an excuse, but in America you are still poorly judged on the colour of your skin.

All of these men were innocent, not one had done anything to make the officers need to use violence.

The anger for black people in America is quite rightly just.

Something needs to change, they were hoping Barack Obama would be that change, how sad for them that nothing has changed, one their own has let them down.

Of course looting, arson and violence isn't the answer, we know that from the 2011 riots, but you try telling that to thousands of angry young people, who feel justice is out of reach.

America's only hope is of sorting their police officers out.

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