Monday, 13 June 2016

The Smell of Desperation from Remain Stinks!

How desperate do you have to be to wheel out Gordon Brown? A man who put our country into financial ruin, and bailed out the banks.

How desperate do you have to be to want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Tony Blair? The man who started a war on false pretenses, the smiling assassin, not only hated by Tory voters, but despised by his own party, but at least he won his elections.

Two men, who have no credibility with the public, the reason Labour have failed so badly in the last general elections is because of these two men.

The reason Jeremy Corbyn is now leader of the Labour party is because of these two men.

Why would any Tory want to stand next to Brown and Blair with all seriousness, and ask the British people, who have recently told the political elite how they feel towards the two New Labour inventors, to listen to them?

The Leave campaign isn't doing much better, Boris is only for leave so he can get the trust of the Tories who want to leave, which is majority.

Then there's Michael Gove, hardly has the British people's trust at the best of times.

Nigel Farage..... well he's in seventh heaven, he has his referendum, and it looks like his side is winning.

However it's not just the Tories that seem to be in dire straits, Labour is in a pickle of it's own.

Firstly, majority of people don't know Labour's official stance, perhaps that's because it has a leader who for years has wanted to leave the EU, and is suddenly told he wants to stay (so much for straight honest politics.)

Labour's official stance is to remain, however the leadership have told it's MPs not to share a platform with the Tories:

Not only has Brown & Blair been wheeled out as last minute attempts, Harman, Khan, Kinnock, and Tessa Jowel have all shared platforms with Tories.

Great to see Corbyn's leadership being taken seriously by his own MPs and Mayor!

The desperation from the Remain campaign stinks, and it's embarrassing.

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