Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Please Not Boris

Boris Johnson won the Brexit campaign, much to his dismay.

He didn't expect the win, he didn't want the win, but now he's got it.

It's pretty obvious Boris wanted a remain win, because he most likely voted remain himself, why? Well he wanted to look like a fallen hero, the man who backed Brexit, but sadly didn't win, he was going to be their champion, their voice, their hero.

No one really expected us to vote to leave the EU, I didn't and I voted leave! I expected remain to win, why? I don't know.

But since we have voted leave, it's lit a few fires, mainly in the Labour party, 80% of Corbyn's MPs have voted a No Confidence in his leadership, but being the revolutionary he is, he ain't backing down, he's breaking the Labour party.

Even one of his most ardent supporters Owen Jones has been suggesting the Labour party should probably split.

However, the Tories are not free of turmoil.

Like I said, Boris and Gove have gone into hiding, and people wants these two to lead us through a Brexit negotiation?

There are two candidates I am torn between, Stephen Crabb, who's a working class boy, he has not been born with a silver spoon, he is full of conviction, pride, and self awareness.

Then there's Theresa May, has done a very good job as Home Secretary, firstly she deported Abu Hamsa, and Qatada, and didn't deport Gary McKinnon, a computer hacker who suffers from Austism.

Labour would have done it the other way round, kept the hate preachers, and extradited McKinnon.

Theresa May has more bollocks than the majority of men in the Cabinet, I like that, she's strong independent, and also full of conviction, her only down fall really is her fashion sense, but I can look past that..... sometimes.

Crabb's downfall, no one really knows who he is, and his weird beard.

I do think Tories who voted for leave have got to look past who backed what campaign, and need to start looking at leader material.

I don't think Boris is a leader, I don't believe he'd be the best option for this country, or the party.

However, I know Stephen Crabb won't get far in this leadership bid, so I am going for Theresa, I don't care that she backed remain.

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