Thursday, 2 June 2016

Leaving Is The Best Option

I don't like the EU, not purely because we have an immigration crisis, it's how undemocratic it is.

On the 31st March 2017, because after this the EU will have all power, and we will NOT be allowed a referendum again.

This literally is a one time only chance to leave.

Do you want to be told what to do by people you did not vote for? Do you want to be told what you can and can't do by people you don't even know the names of?

About a week or so ago Harriet Harman was shown the the seven heads of the EU, she couldn't name one of them.

In fact I don't think a single person, except for Andrew Marr because he was told who they were, on that panel could name one of those men pictured.

How is this good?

People like Owen Jones thinks we should vote In, because we can protest our way to a democratic EU.

Some of us have jobs, families, and lives to think of.

Owen Jones also believes our Human Rights will be taken away the second we leave..... again this is just scare mongering.

Which the Remain campaign has done since this started.

Firstly it'll take years, and years for us to actually leave if we do vote that way, nothing will change over night.

Human Rights won't be taken away the second we leave, housing crisis won't suddenly be solved, and borders won't be shut.

However, those who are at fault will be more accountable.

How can we hold to account those we don't know the names of? How can we hold to account when our own politicians haven't got a clue who they?

The House of Lords is unelected, however, we, if we wanted, could change that, how could we change who was in power in the EU?

Hands up who voted for or against Jean Claude Juncker, the President of the EU? No one?

Hands up who voted for Angela Merke? Alexis Tsipras? Francois Hollande? No one in this country, that's for sure.

I have two Spanish friends who will be voting for Britain to leave, I also have three Eastern European friends who will be voting for Britain to leave.

They also want their home countries to leave as well.

The EU is an undemocratic, dictatorship, yet, who's the dictator? We don't know, and that's what worries me most.

If you're a Labour voter, and you HATE the Tories with all your might, imagine having a government you can't really hold to account, like we currently do.

Imagine a day where, someone like David Cameron has no one else to blame but himself, and you can hold him solely accountable.

Imagine if Jeremy Corbyn wins the next election, and you actually don't like what he's doing, you can hold him solely accountable.

The reason people like Jeremy Corbyn have suddenly changed their tune is because they can deflect your anger, onto the unknown EU leaders.

They're not wholly accountable.

Now, what Britain might be unhappy about with the EU isn't necessarily what France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Romania, etc might be unhappy with.

So how do we get all these countries together? How do you get them to agree on issues that effect each country differently? How do you agree on everything 100% of the time?

You don't!

I've left the Tories, because this current lot are looking more and more like Blair & Brown, EU puppets.

I urge you to vote to leave, I urge you to take control, to make our governments accountable for each, and everyone of their actions, I urge you to make Britain great again.

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