Thursday, 30 June 2016

Kind and Decent? Yeah Right

During a press conference today regarding the report into Labour's anti-semitism problem, Corbyn managed to compare Israel to ISIS, and a Labour Jewish MP, Ruth Smeeth, was attacked which made her walk out in tears.

What did Corbyn do? Absolutely nothing, he didn't intervene, he didn't apologise, he didn't even acknowledge the fact that one of his own MPs had been attacked, and in a very public way.

Also to compare the country Israel to ISIS beggars belief.

When has Israel thrown gay men off of buildings?

When has Israel gang raped women, then stoned them to death for being raped?

When has Israel launched an attack on their own people, burying women and children alive?

Since Corbyn's leadership he has proven he is many things, but kind and decent he is not? Not even a smidgen of evidence has come through for that to be true, other than the fact he once made tea for a cameraman, whoop de do!

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