Monday, 27 June 2016

British Politicians: How Low Can You Go?

So we voted for Brexit, and what do the powers that be want to do?

Ignore it, after all it was only a referendum not an election.

Sturgeon wants to ignore the will of 17 million people, and listen to 2.6 million people, she wants to overrule the result, and stop a Brexit from happening.

If she does this, I think she'll there's more English support for Scotland to go, than what there ever had been before.

Both major political parties are in turmoil, Labour are wanting to out their leader Jeremy Corbyn with 23 Shadow peeps quitting in 24 hours, and the Tories are in hiding.

Although Gideon did make an appearance this morning to reassure us that he wasn't going to have to use the "emergency budget" he had promised during the run up to the referendum.

The Tories need to elect a new leader too, this is where I will re-join to help stop it becoming Boris Johnson.

Why don't I want Boris?

He lied to us, deep down he wanted to remain in the EU, he didn't really want us to chose Brexit, he only backed Vote Leave because he thought the remain camp would win, Cameron would quit a fwe years down the line, and he'd be in favour with us Vote Leave Tories.

It's back fired badly, not only did Brexit win, but people want him to lead us out of the EU. He knows it, I know it, and you should all know that would be a terrible decision.

It's like Jeremy Corbyn "backing" the remain camp, he didn't really want to remain, he wanted to leave, he had wanted to leave the EU for years, he stood side by side with Tony Benn about how undemocratic the EU was.

But the powers that be in Labour told him he has to back remain, so he went on holiday, did a half arsed campaign and didn't look particularly upset with the result that came in.

So Labour want Corbyn out, Tories want Boris in, stock markets aren't doing as bad as first expected, Osborne isn't having to raid the pensions, and only 36% of young people voted, & Scotland want another Independence Referendum (can we handle another one?!)

A general election looms, so the Tories need to pick the best, and strongest candidate, this is not Boris, and Labour either need to give Corbyn a chance or get on with getting a new leader in place.

Maybe we'll have another hung parliament, I can't see that the public have much faith in either party at the moment.

They both need to pull their socks up and get on with it!

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