Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Last Day Pledge - Vote Leave

If you're undecided, or are for remain, I ask you to think of these few things.

Are you a republican? Would you prefer to get rid of our Monarchy and have an elected head of state?

Do you dislike the House of Lords, an unelected bunch who have a say over our laws, economy, etc?

If your answer is yes to both, then why do you not mind having an unelected EU telling you what to do, making laws, regulations, telling you how to live?

Why is that OK, but the Queen and HoL's is not?

The whole royal family costs each tax payer around 56p per person a year, the EU costs every week, according to, £350 million.

Now before you say "Ahh, but the EU gives some of that money back to us!" Yes, they do, but only after they've told us how to spend it.

Unlike the Queen and the HoL where we know who they are, we can take to the streets, demand our government make an elected second chamber.

We can petition to get rid of the Monarchy, and have a president instead, we can have a revolution, however, how c

How can we reform, dethrone, make accountable the EU, when no one knows who's in charge?

How can we march in a demo when angry at a decision made by the EU, when we don't know who we'd be marching against?

One more question, the remain campaign keep banging on about the fact that we can veto against this the EU propose, do you trust any Prime Minister to hear the call of the nation and veto against an EU army? Against Turkey joining the EU? Against something we as a nation find fundamentally wrong?

In conclusion I urge you to vote leave, to make the government we elected wholly accountable, to not give our politicians anymore get out of jail free cards.

Take control, take back ownership, vote leave.

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