Monday, 27 June 2016

Is The End Nigh For Labour?

Is Jeremy Corbyn doing what Tony Benn failed to do all those years ago, and actually split the Labour Party?

If not, it looks like he's having a bloody good go at it!

It seems to be the Parliamentary Labour Party vs Corbynistas.

However the Corbynistas have it wrong, surprise surprise, as not all of those opposing Jeremy Corbyn are Blairites or Brownites, and to say so is to be blind, and rather rude as J.K Rowling said in a tweet today:

Jo Cox, considered a Blairte, was killed, murdered in her constituency, and here they are calling her, and her beliefs vermin, lovely to see the "Kinder, gentler politics" Jeremy was talking about at the beginning of his leadership last year.

People like Lisa Nandy and Owen Smith can hardly be called Blairites, yet here they are being labelled one, because they rightly doubt Corbyn is the right man to lead them to a victory.

Corbyn has around 3 allies from his original shadow cabinet, McDonnell, Abbott, and Burnham.

Burnham only stays because he's desperate for any little slice of power, McDonnell because they share the same views, and Abbott because she's still secretly in love with Corbyn.

Corbyn is killing the Labour party, he splitting it right down the middle.

Today at the PLP meeting Jess Phillips apparently begged Corbyn to resign, and Harriet Harman was so upset she was apparently crying, the only Labour MP in Scotland, Ian Murray, told Corbyn of the threats he and his constituency staff are receiving from Momentum, and pro-Corbyn think tank.

So what did Jeremy do?

He, McDonnell and Abbott addressed a crowd of people, one of the being the person pictured above, saying he was here to stay, and not once mentioning the EU Referendum, which is pretty obvious he voted to Leave. (So much for straightforward, honest politics)

Can he not see what he is doing to the party? Can he not see his has lost control of his MPs?

Over 40 MP's and Lords have quit from the Shadow Cabinet, with one being sacked.

Hilary Benn, the sacked MP, received a huge round of applause from the Labour benches, whereas Corbyn received nothing, except heckling for him to resign when he took a dig at his ex-Shadow Cabinet members.

And the Labour front bench was incredibly bare, Corbyn unable to fill the front bench.

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