Thursday, 2 July 2015

Russell Brand = World's Biggest Bullshitter

Russell Brand has said that the minute silence tribute to those who were murdered in cold blood, last Friday, in Tunisia is "Bullshit".

30 of the 38 people who were murdered were British.

Russell Brand sometimes thinks so far out the box that the box is no longer in view.

For some reason, Brand can't see that this tribute is exactly that, a tribute. It's not hypocritical, it's a small gesture we can give to these innocent people who died.

They deserve to be recognised, and respected, they deserve one minute, one simple minute.

Instead Russell sees it as some capitalistic hypocritical opportunity, because Britain sells arms to the Tunisian government......

Instead of seeing it as the one minute these people deserve. Many of them died protecting their loved ones, others died hiding or trying to run away.

Either way, none of these people deserved the death they got, and the smallest tribute we as a country can give them is one minutes worth of silence.

I have huge respect for the dead, the families of the dead and injured, respect for the locals who formed a human shield.

As for Brand...... who cares?

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