Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The European Left Is Doomed... Good!

The European left is in disarray.

Greece voted in Syriza, a far left wing party, a party of  "hope" many on the left here and in Spain thought. (Please remember the ancient Greeks thought of hope as an evil Pandora's box)

Now, their leader, Alexis Tsipras, has gone back on every word he promised the people of Greece.

He promised that if the Merkel and Co didn't agree with the settlements he proposed then he would lead them out of Europe.....

Sunday night/ Monday morning he agreed to harsher austerity measures from the EU, and the IMF in order for another bailout.

That's not what he promised the people of Greece, and that's not what their Spanish equivalent, Podemos, were hoping for either.

Even Podemos is suffering it's own losses before it's even begun.

A few months ago they had mayoral elections, Podemos didn't put forward any candidates themselves, however they did back people who represented views extremely close to theirs, and were successful.

However, rather like Tsipras, the Madrid mayor has now said that the policies she said during her election campaign weren't promises, but what she would like to see implemented.....

Podemos have been suffering in Spanish poles recently.

And then there's the British left (who are finally waking up the fact that the EU is nothing more than a giant bully).

Scotland's left wing is alive and kicking, and it's kicking the English as hard as it can.

Scotland want independence, but God forbid England want devolution!

Labour died an awful death in Scotland, and as Mhairi Black said in her maiden speech yesterday:

"I didn't leave the Labour Party, it left me."

10 powerful words they should adhere too, instead Labour has decided back Tory decisions to cap child benefits to the first two children.

Now, as a Tory I am extremely glad that Harman has decided this, but if I put myself as life long Labour supporter, like Mhairi Black's family were, I'd have felt like I'd been let down immensely.

Imagine you've stuck with Labour through thick and thin, you voted for them during the disastrous 1980's, and during the New Labour era of Blair and Brown.

Labour wasn't the only left wing party to suffer awful defeat, the Liberal Democrats were not spared anything.

From 56 MP's wittled down to just 8.

Scotland is, by and large, a socialist state. It has chosen a truly left wing party, and I wish them luck, as the SNP are at least worthy opponents, of this strong Tory government.

So what's happened to the European left?

People are finally waking up to the fact that the left is full of hypocrisy, they promise you one thing, and give you another.

Left wing motto: Do as I say, not as I do.

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