Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Socialism Has Always Failed, and It Always Will

Socialism has failed the very people it’s meant to help.

Just look at Russia a hundred years ago, when the first world war started, they had a Tsar, and autocrat, a dictator.

The Tsar, Nicholas ii, had the Okranah, a secret police who infiltrated enemies of the Tsar, who were then brought to justice, either by being exiled to Siberia, or hung.

The Tsar also owned the lands that the peasants worked on, and the pay was extremely poor, and often famines were widespread.

When, just before the war ended, the revolution happened, and Lenin was finally in power, something he had craved for years, what did he change? How did he make life easier for the poor people of Russia?

After all Lenin had promised three things to the Russian people.

“Peace!” Meaning he would end Russia’s involvement in World War One, which he did, but by capturing, and killing the overthrown monarchy, he helped create a civil war, the Whites (pro-Tsar) vs the Red (pro-Lenin).

“Land!” Meaning he would allow the peasants who worked on the land, to own the land. Instead he took it for himself, rather like the Tsar.

“Bread!” Meaning the food of the land they were working on, was theirs. Again, he took for himself, just like the Tsar.

Also, like the Tsar, he had a secret police, the Cheka, who, like the Tsar’s secrect police, infiltrated those who were against the dictator that was Lenin, and they weren’t exiled, they were just hung.
Also, like the Tsar, famines were widespread, but this time, the famines were a lot worse, in fact crime rates soared.

Often shops were looted, murders were committed in broad daylight, and more and more people were dying of starvation every day.

If you were caught keeping food from the Cheka, you were killed.

Somehow, Lenin managed to cause all this devastation holding only a small strip of Russia itself, as the majority of Russia didn’t want Lenin, they didn’t want to be under communist rule.

And without Lenin, the Russian people would never have had the pleasures of being under the dictatorship of Stalin.

Josef Stalin, a man who oversaw famines so bad people turned to cannibalism, who oversaw the defeat of the Nazi’s to just then carry on the genocide and concentration camps and call them gulags, who oversaw the deaths of 34 – 49 million “unnatural” deaths.

Or we could go to Cuba, where their elected president was overthrown by communists, who, like Lenin and Stalin, who took power, and kept it, all for themselves.

The last time the Cuban people elected their leader was back in 1944, when Fidel Castro came to the fore, he took away people’s rights to vote, and became their leader, and quite like our royal family, pass down this presidential office to his son, and heir.

Or Venezuela, where the president has only stayed in power because of a decree, the first steps to forming a dictatorship.

Where a packet of condoms costs $755, and food shortages, because of the Hugo Chavez economic policy failings, are so bad crime rates have soared, as well as food bank usages.

Or North Korea, where the communist rule, also quite like our royal family where the mantle is handed down to the son, treats people as robots, you are not allowed a sense of humour, unless given permission, you are not allowed an opinion, unless you agree with their leader, and you are not allowed internet connection.

Or China, a country who gives the people of Hong Kong their leader, who tells them all to be more like sheep.

A country who kills it’s Bhuddist Monks, who kills people for protesting, who treats people like vermin.

As you can see, socialism, has always failed those it’s meant to help. The poor stayed poor, the rich found more power, and in some cases, those who opposed faced the noose.

Why has it always fail? Because of us, human beings, we are greedy, we are narcissistic, and we are opinionated.

 Reasons why the left cannot wholly unite under one party, or one dream? No one person can agree with another 100% of the time, unless your life is at risk then maybe you could.

But with a choice, we all have a different variation of how we’d like to see things happen.
What might be fair, and equal to one person, isn’t to another.

The British left, however, are a different breed of left to that of other nations.

The British left are victims, everything is bad, nothing is good, the government are never handing out enough benefits, jobs are never paying well enough, they’re anti this, and anti that.

The British left are a depressed bunch.

3 out of the 4 Labour leadership candidates are from the same ilk as Tony Blair (we all know how that worked out for us!), and the other reminds me of Tony Benn, a man who nearly split the party.

They want all the benefits, without consequence, they don’t want responsibility, they don’t want to be accountable for themselves, they want the government to take care of them.

Yet the British left is prepared to point the finger at anyone else but themselves, and they fail to see the hypocrisies that dog them, for instance:

Tony Benn, a stalwart of the Labour party, the granddad of the British left, spent his whole political life attacking those who were at the top, and dodged paying their full tax bill.
After he died, it was revealed that he used a loophole so his children didn’t pay any tax on the £5 million inheritance he had left them, not one peep from the left.

 But when Gary Barlow, the famous singer/ songwriter/ musician, accountants used an offshore bank account so he avoided paying the full tax bill, purely because he had backed the Tories during the 2010 general election, the left went up in arms about it.

Showing equality? No.

Russell Brand, the comedian who wants a revolution, then told people to vote Labour because he spoke to Ed Miliband for a couple of hours, who didn’t answer any of the simple questions asked of him, and decided that everything was “Wrrong! You’re just Wrrrong!”

Russell Brand, the man who is against capitalism, without it would be living squalor, the man who capitalised on his ability to make people laugh, and became rich, the man who thinks the rich should pay more tax, but won’t do it right now.

Charlotte Church another anti-capitalist rich entertainer, who capitalised on her ability to sing beautifully as a young child, the woman who has never worked a hard days graft in her life, married a professional rugby player, and lived in luxury most of her life, but also thinks rich people should pay higher tax (70% to be exact), will not put her money where her mouth is.

Owen Jones, the Guardian columnist, CHAVS supporter, and anti-establishment author, made £88,000 from his second book, earns £30,000 from his weekly column at the Guardian, and God know how much he makes from the BBC with every appearance he makes, despises the 1%, despite being part of it, claims to hate capitalism, despite being a very successful capitalist.

Vivienne Westwood, one of fashions leading designers, created her wealth by selling to the rich only, despises capitalism.

Labour, a party who claims it is for the working class, has always left office with unemployment higher than when it entered, higher debt, higher taxes, and the gap between the poor and rich always, always widens under Labour.

Last time Labour were in power, they sent out search parties for more immigrants to come to our country, but failed to build the required housing to accommodate them, helping to create the housing crisis we are currently facing.

They announced that they were going to sell our gold, almost miraculously the price of gold fell to its lowest ever value.

They started a war on false pretences, which cost us money and lives.

Labour want you to have your cake and eat it, but sadly, life isn’t so cushy, in reality, you have to earn your cake, before you can eat it.

You have to measure out the ingredient, mix them right, then put it in the oven, at the right temperature, for the right amount of time, let it cool down once it’s ready, decorate it with fine detail, then it’s ready to be eaten.

Sometimes you might make a mistake, and have to start all over again, other times it is salvageable, and sometimes you get it right first time.

Either way, you have to work hard, before you get to enjoy the end result.

Labour want you to cheat, and go to a baker, who you can then blame if turns out nasty, or not as you expected.

Not us, not the Conservatives, we believe we should only be responsible for ourselves, that way you know who's to blame.

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