Thursday, 25 June 2015


What's happening in Calais is nothing but desperate.

France is having a go at us, the UK, for not doing more at their border, look France, it's your border, your country, you do a better job!

But that's not the main issue, firstly, how many countries have they gotten through before they've even reached Europe?

How many countries have allowed these immigrants to just walk on through? How many countries have not completed the correct procedures? How many countries have allowed these people to slip through?

Why are these people stopped before they get into Europe? Let alone getting all the way to Calais, or even Dover!

Why aren't the European countries who border the Asian countries doing more to stop them there?

Why are we being blamed?

If Merkel and co want us to stay in the EU, sort this problem out before they get this far! Have stricter controls on Eurasian borders! Do the job properly!

And to the Home Secretary, and the Government in general, do a better job at the airports, at Dover, at every other port in our country.

If you can tell me Mr Smith in the Shetland island's hasn't paid his TV licence, but can't keep track of illegal immigrants, there's something going terribly wrong!

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