Monday, 15 June 2015


With the Labour leadership now fully underway it just goes to show the fractions within the party.

Leading the battle so far is Andy Burnham. a man who oversaw the Mid Staff atrocities back in 2009, and who has really nothing else to offer, he would be a gift to the Tories, and a supposed Blairite, therefore not left enough.

Then there's Yvette Cooper (Mrs Ed Balls), who isn't exactly leadership material, a Brownite, and another gift to for the Tories, not left enough.

Then there's the Tories biggest (and only threat), Liz Kendall, hasn't performed that well so far, but when she's on form she can be quite damaging, however, for some in the Labour party, not left enough.

And now last but certainly not least, Jeremy Corbyn, a true left winger, out of all the other candidates stood shoulder to shoulder with the late Tony Benn, especially on the "Stop The War" campaign, he supports Sinn Fein (a party lead by the ex leader of the IRA),  anti-Israel but pro-Palestine (led by Hamas, a terrorist group who sympathise with ISIS).

You have three left of centre candidates, with the first two candidates firmly in Ed Miliband's ground of politics (and we all know how that turned out), Liz Kendall on some issues slightly more to the left, and others more towards the centre, and then Jeremy Corbyn, an old school left winger, who's not afraid to voice his opinions.

The unions want Burnham, will this influence the Labour party members to vote for him? Probably.

A lot of voters want Cooper, a strong headed woman, but the unions don't want her.

Kendall will never win, but she is the best candidate so far.

Corbyn, a reminiscent of Tony Benn, he could be dangerous...... not for the Tories but for Labour itself, let's face it, since Blair, the party is now more of a centre, centre left party, very few in England agree with his politics, and if he's a supporter and friend of Sinn Fein, and it's murderous leader Gerry Adams, he'll ruin the Labour Party.

So my advice? Vote for Corbyn, he'll destroy the party, just like Benn almost achieved 30 years ago.

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