Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sacking Ministers? Come On Dave!

David Cameron has supposedly threatened to sack any ministers if they back the Yes campaign to leave the EU.

I am a true blue, a proud, and loud Conservative, but it doesn't mean I agree with everything the Tory leadership says, and this is one thing I will gladly, and loudly stand up against.

I'm not sure if Dave has realises that just because he's won the first Tory majority in 20 odd years, doesn't mean he's a dictator.

We live a democracy Dave, if members of the party you lead have some differing views, good! It keeps the art of debate, and freedom of speech alive!

Firstly, it's healthy for a party to have differing views, it shows the public that, OK we might not agree on everything, but we can live in harmony despite these differences, it's what makes us human after all, we don't want to be living in a socialist dictatorship now do we?

If anything, sacking these ministers will only enrage them, and make them shout louder, so sacking them will only hinder your fight to stay in, rather than their fight to leave.

We aren't the Labour Party, we believe in freedom of speech, allow your ministers to back whatever they want to back, don't be an Ed Miliband please!

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