Monday, 27 February 2017

You're Not Back Benchers Anymore!

There's one major problem with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, they still think they're bank benchers.

Today it was released online an article or warning about a "soft coup" from some Labour MP's and the "Murdoch empire." This was from the words of John McDonnell.

The problem here is, these two, now very important men, forget they're not back benchers anymore, anything they write, no matter how small the following of that particular blog/ magazine/ newspaper will be picked up and read.

Your profiles have gone from MP's only a few people had heard of, to potentially being the Prime Minister and Chancellor.

Jeremy Corbyn made quite a funny blunder at the Scottish Labour Party conference, accidentally praising the SNP instead of Labour MSP's.

Immediately you could see the annoyance on Corbyn's face, then during a Sky News interview he looked ever so slightly crazy in answering whether he will still be Labour leader in 2020.

Ironically like Blair, they're stuck in the past, they're used to being the underdog, having no or little responsibility, the seats they represent would vote a chicken in if it was wearing a Labour rosette, so they're used to being part of the background, not much detail to them.

In seven months time, they'd have been at the helm of Labour for two years, it's time they had gotten used to the pressure of every little thing they say and do being analysed, and so it should be too.

These two people could be (however I greatly doubt it), the new Cameron & Osborne, or Blair & Brown double act leading the country, Corbyn & McDonnell.

If they can't handle the pressure as it is now, how on earth do they think they could deal with it if they ever won a general election? Not only the press but every country in the world will have their eyes on your every move, and word.

You would be responsible for 60 million people, you will responsible for millions of jobs, the state of the currency, the NHS, the police, the fire brigade, our Armed Forces, our defence strategy, foreign affairs.

If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen!

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