Monday, 6 February 2017

Bercow the Trump Banner!

Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow has banned President Trump for giving a speech in the Houses of Parliament.

Why? Well he disagrees with his sexist, racist stance. Fair enough!

But where, I ask, was his objection the the Emir of Kuwait, or the President of China?

Kuwait is a country that has banned Israli's, and imprisons homosexuals, as well as being a dictatorship.

China has no human rights whatsoever. If you were to speak out against the President you could be arrested.

China also gave the people of Hong Kong their leader, a leader they never wanted and called the people of Hong Kong to be more like "sheep".

In fact the Chinese President has called Human Rights lawyers in China a "criminal gang".

So all I am asking from our so called impartial speaker, is to be consistent.

If you'll ban Trump because of his ban, why didn't you ban the Emir of Kuwait for their ban? Why didn't you ban the Chinese President for his ban on human rights?

Don't pick and choose, don't try and be cool, be consistent with you opinions, then twits like me can't show you up.

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