Sunday, 5 February 2017

What Options Does Labour Have?

Labour is currently the largest party in Britain (membership wise), with over half a million members since Jeremy Corbyn's victory to be come leader in September 2015.

Yet they are trailing badly in the polls, according to @britainelects in their "Poll of polls":

Con: 40.1%
Labour: 28.5%
UKIP: 11.9%
LDem: 9.6%
Grn: 3.6%
Other: 6.3%

Labour are behind 11.6% the Tories, if you didn't know much about British politics you would be forgiven for thinking that it was the Tories in opposition and Labour in power, not the way it is currently.

Normally being in opposition gives an advantage as you can slaughter the government, and god knows Labour's had plenty of opportunities to do so, the NHS and Donald Trump are just two of them.

Yet for some reason Corbyn has failed to do what the opposition is meant to do, bring the government to account.

Instead they've left it to you and me to do so, people are taking it upon themselves to march against Trump's future State visit, and leaving it up to Doctors and Nurses to be the ones who go on radio and explain the difficulties they are currently going through.

So what are Labour's options?

Well, Jeremy Corbyn could try and grow a backbone, but as we all know he's had 18 months to do so and is still meek and mild.

They could try and do another coup and elect a new leader, which as we saw last time was a complete and utter failure.

Or they could wait for the 2020 general election (which by all leading polls they'll lose spectacularly), and then elect a new leader, who will most probably bring them back to New Labour's ground, which people have still not forgiven or forgotten.

Or they could split, which again isn't a great option.

In my humble opinion, they are f*cked beyond all hope.

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