Friday, 17 February 2017

Tony Blair: The Smiling Assassin

Tony Blair, the smiling assassin has raised his ugly head once more.

Not sure if Mr Blair is aware (rhyme not intended), but Leave received 51.9% of the vote, which is roughly 17 million voters.

Blair's most successful general election result in 1997 saw him receive 43.2% of the vote, which is roughly 13 million votes, good enough mandate for him to govern.

He wants Remain voters to "rise up against" Brexit, because those of us who voted to leave the EU were ill informed, basically he thinks we're thick.

He doesn't understand the many reason why people want Britain to leave the Eu, so I'll help him out.

1. Accountability of our politicians

This one reason encompasses everything from immigration levels, to what laws we have, to who we want to do Trade Deals with.

Who was accountable for what happens in the EU? Who are the people we should be having a go at about the open borders? Is Merkel? Juncker? Or the unelected bureaucrats who no one knows the names of?

The problem I find with Blair is, it feels like he's stuck in 1997, D-Ream's "Things Can Only Get Better" on a loop, whilst he constantly repeats the word "Education" over and over, whilst smiling like the Joker out of Batman.

If I were a Remain voter and Tony Blair backing my cause, I would start to rethink my choices.

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