Monday, 20 February 2017

"To Incompetency And Beyond!"

The latest ICM/ Guardian poll has put Tories 18 points ahead of Labour:

Con 44%, Lab 26%, UKIP 13%, LDem 8%, Green 4%, SNP 4%, PC*%, Other 1%

What's weird is how the Tories have little to no ammo, there is an NHS Crisis, whether Tories want to admit that or not, Brexit could be seen as a shambles (until Remain spun out Blair and Mandelson), and May's cosying up to Trump has less than impressed Britain.

How bad of a leader do you have to be, that when you're in opposition and you can't beat the government in the polls on one issue.

According to the ComRes/ Mirror poll 43% of the public are "More like to trust Ma and the Tories" than Jeremy Corbyn and Labour regarding the NHS.

The NHS is supposed to be Labour's safe house, their home territory, after all it was a Labour government who introduced and started the NHS.

May also wins in every poll on whether the public prefer her or Corbyn to be Prime Minister, in fact she also trump's (no pun intended... honest) Nichola Sturgeon in Scottish polls on preferred leaders.

Jeremy Corbyn's problem? Himself, he is his and Labour's, own worst enemy.

Is he a nice guy? I am sure he is, but in the world of politics, nice just doesn't cut it.

You need someone who's got a backbone, not afraid to stand up for us, and do what they believe is best for the country.

May is a hard woman, she doesn't suffer fools gladly. Methodical, reasoned, well informed.

Corbyn is a nice man, most likely a weak hand shake, and has no leadership qualities.

Neither are good orators, but May is slightly better.

Things just get worse and worse for Corbyn, until he leaves, and as much as I am enjoying watching him destroy Labour, he is denying the country of a credible opposition, of holding the government to account.

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