Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Can The Last Member Of Labour Switch Off The Lights

What a performance from Jeremy Corbyn, I've never seen one person miss so many opportunities to score at an open goal.

Ed Miliband was pretty decent at missing an open goal, but Corbyn is the master.

Trump was a subject that should have trumped Theresa May, instead she lay in camouflage, totally prepared for the, what should have been, "onslaught" from Corbyn.

Instead, Mr Bean turned up, his meak and mild ways asking questions May kept batting away, much to the shock and horror of the Labour back benches.

May answered the questions better than what Corbyn could ask them, and with her final line to her opposition number "He can lead a protest, I am leading a country." The Labour back benches couldn't hide how "glum" they were after their leaders rather feeble performance.

Corbyn's performance summed up below:

Nobody seems to actually care what Angus Robertson had to say, and Tim Farron was not only laughed out by the Tories, but Labour as well.

There is no real opposition at the moment, yes people might not like the way May deals with issues, however polls do suggest she has more trust that what Corbyn could ever hope to have.

May has even polled higher than Nichola Sturgeon in Scotland!

Currently the YouGov poll shows that Tories leader by 16%:

Conservative: 40%, Labour: 24%, Lib Dems: 10%, UKIP: 14%, Other: 11%,

(Note how other is also beating the Lib Dems).

Another poll in favour of Mrs May is who would be best Prime Minister:

May: 47%
Corbyn: 15%
Don't Know: 38%

Corbyn is still third place in a two horse race, what a feat!

Just to add insult to injury, despite over 1 million people signing a petition to try and stop Trump from making a State Visit to the UK, and thousands of people marching on Sunday night:

49% of people think it should go ahead, whilst only 36% think it shoul not go ahead.

Old Owen Jones finds himself, and his celebrity mates, on the outside of public opinion once again.

Now I am not a fan of Trump, I feel sorry that our Queen has to entertain the overgrown tangerine, but none the less it is happening, whether it's now or 2 years down the line.

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