Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Leave The Falklands Alone!

Why is Corbyn hell bent on ignoring the people of the Falkland Islands?

He keeps repeating that he'd do negotiations with Argentina, despite in 2013 the Falklander's overwhelming voting stay part of Great Britain.

This is a man who has said he wants the people to decide most of Labour's policies, yet here he is sticking his fingers in his ears when it comes to The Falklands.

99.8% voted to stay with GB, 0.20% voted against. Thats 1,513 people vs 3 people.

So why is Corbyn being such a hypocrite? Why is Corbyn even bringing this up so soon after the referendum? Why is he ignoring the people of The Falklands?

Corbyn is a classic case of a far left wing leader, he says one thing, but does another.

Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Chavez, Castro etc, they all promised the people one thing, but did the complete opposite once in power.

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