Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Labour 2016: Sackings, & Resignations

6 days into the New Year and I think it's safe to say, Corbyn is the worst leader Britain has seen in the 21st Century, and before that it was Ed Miliband.

Ed Miliband lost Labour seats, he did worse than Gordon Brown, Jeremy Corbyn is losing MPs from his front bench.

3 MPs quit the Labour front bench earlier today, in less than 1 hour (must be a record?)

Not only that, he's firing people who disagree with him, but those who disagree with him, and have a legitimate reason to do so.

Pat McFadden was sacked because he said terrorists only have themselves to blame for committing such atrocities, Corbyn believes that it's the West's fault that these nutters are killing their own people.

Now what I find ironic about Jeremy Corbyn sacking those who disagree with him is that, he relied on those people to back him in order to be in the Labour leadership election.

Without those people backing him, who knowingly disagreed with him on many policies, he would not be in the position he is today.

If these MPs ignored the calls to "widen the debate", then he'd still be backbencher nobody had heard of, rebelling against the Labour leadership (ironically probably would have been Andy Burnham).

Yes, to a degree I believe Jeremy needs a cabinet that is in alliance with his views, however, how many Labour MPs are there, that do agree with majority of his views?

I'd say there was around 10...... whoop dee doo.

Jeremy is going to have to face the fact the PLP do not agree with him.

He has one MP who has now labelled him misogynistic, another MP called his very first PLP meeting a "total fucking shambles", another one called it a "joke".

Even before he won the leadership bid he had MPs threatening to resign the front bench should he win, and they did when he won.

He's now silencing the MPs, such as Hilary Benn, so that they can only say the agree with him.

It's nice to see Jeremy Corbyn showing how democracy can be a great way of people working together, despite having differing views.....

Jeremy Corbyn is Labour's fatality, instead of the media watching Tory MP's flock to either the In or Out sides of the EU referendum (which is equally as dangerous to the Tories as what Corbyn is to Labour), they're concentrating on Labour's 3 day reshuffle, which only saw two people sacked.

Corbyn has no backbone, has no coherent policies, and no leadership skills, he is a disease that the Labour party can cure itself, but not if it's left too late.

I hope the "moderates" within the Labour party, who are being purged by Corbyn and his motley crew, either find a new party or oust him from his perch.

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