Friday, 8 January 2016

Ignorance Is Bliss

Ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes, but it's never stood in a court of law.

For me the left is being as ignorant as it can be right now, yes we in the right can be just as ignorant, but left are out classing themselves currently.

Ever since Corbyn won the Labour leadership, it's almost as if they've been taking stupid pills.

According to Corbyn's supporters, all Labour MPs who vote against him are morally corrupt, and should go and join the Tories, yet when it's pointed out to them that Corbyn went against the Labour leadership over 500 times as a backbencher, he did it because of morals.

Apparently you only have morals if you're left wing, or what they consider to be left wing.

When Corbyn won they asked that the press, and us on social media, only criticise him for his words, and actions.

We've obliged, yet they're still not happy.

The left will quite happily throw pictures of Cameron and the King of Saudi, or Cameron shaking the president of Kazakhstan's hand, and call him a terrorist sympathiser, but when we retaliate, for instance we point out Corbyn and McDonnell's closeness to the IRA in the 1980's, or the fact that Corbyn called terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hizbollah friends, it was honorable, how dare we see it any other way.

When it's pointed out to Corbyn himself that he's spoken at rallies where flags of violence can be clearly seen, and in his speeches as these rallies he noted for saying he's in solidarity with them, we've got it all wrong.

When a Labour MP notices that the top four jobs within the Shadow Cabinet have all been given to me, despite Corbyn's cries for feminism, it's OK, because he's Corbyn.

When a Labour MP, I'll repeat the last bit, a Labour MP quits the Labour front bench live on air, it's a Tory conspiracy.

Now I don't know about you, but as much as Steven Doughty might dislike Corbyn, I have a suspicion he despises Cameron more, so why on earth would he help him.

When it's pointed out that the only people to blame for Daesh's actions are Daesh themselves, you get sacked from the Shadow Cabinet.

If you feel that it's a "f**king shambles" that you've only been given a 3 day notice before a vote in the commons, that your party has changed it's mind, it's being disloyal to your party.

When you point out that yes a few pro-Tories working in the BBC, but there's also quite a few pro-Labour working there, we're wrong.

Despite the fact that Seasmus Mile's. Corbyn director of communications, father used to work there with quite a high job, it's ignored.

When it's pointed out that The Sun used to back Labour, and Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were close friend's with Rebekah Brooks, the ex editor of News Of The World, it's ignored.

The more the left play deaf and dumb, the more unelectable they're becoming.... long may it continue.

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