Monday, 18 January 2016

Common Sense Should Be Renamed

They call it common sense, but in actual fact it seems very rare to come across someone who's actually got it.

Jeremy Corbyn is certainly lacking in it.

Yesterday's interview on the BBC's Marr Show was beyond ridiculous, and Marr allowed him to speak, as the saying goes, give them enough rope, they'll hang themselves.

Firstly his return to flying pickets, and secondary strike action is something Sir Michael Foot would have supported back in 1983!

To what purpose would this serve? How would it help any causes if it didn't before?

His repitive use of the words "grotesque" "NHS" and "Housing" were rather boring, just attacking the Tories with no actual plan himself, but then again that's not different to any other Labour leader.

Then of course was his bizarre idea to rid the Trident Submarines of their warheads....... because empty submarines are a terrifying thought!

When criticised, he cannot for the life of him, see why.

The problem with Corbyn, his allies within the Shadow Cabinet, and his followers? They're suffering from tunnel vision.

With the new report coming out about why, and how Labour lost so badly last May will not change their views, they will not deviate from their mission.

This is admirable, but also a stupid stance to have, then again the far left have never been that good on compromising, which is one of the very reasons it keeps failing.

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