Thursday, 4 February 2016

How Can We Help When We're Struggling As It Is?

To those who are saying Britain could do more to take in the Syrian refugees, I have a few questions for you.

Where will they live?

As we all know Britain has a housing shortage, people are stuck on waiting which are 5 years long! If we're struggling with the people we already have, how can we legitimately, and fairly help others?

How will our already over worked social workers cope?

Again, we already know that our social services are stretched to the limit, how will the cope with even more cases loaded on to them?

Also how is this being fair to either side? What if the over stretched social worker misses clues of abuse because they're trying to help god knows how many other children?

How will already cram stuffed schools cope? How will that benefit the children's education? That being of the children already here, and the children coming here?

Surely before we can help anyone, we have to deal with these issues first? Otherwise we're just going to add to the problems making it that much harder to resolve.

To me it seems more unfair to bring people here, where they is no housing, and not the correct support for them.

It's unfair on the people who are seeking our help, and it's unfair on our society to stretch it further.

I say, fix our internal problems, then we can truly help those who need it.

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