Friday, 5 February 2016

The UNlawful "Detention" of #Assange: Utter Bollocks

The UN has declared Julian Assange has been unlawfully detained within Ecuador's Embassy in London.

Utter Bollocks.

Firstly, as we all know, Julian took REFUGE in the Ecuadorian Embassy, he was not detained.

Also, if he was being "detained" it wouldn't have been by Britain, or Sweden, but Ecuador, seeming as it was their embassy in which he was staying.

Thirdly, what about the questions he is faced with in Sweden of rape? Surely he has an obligation to prove his innocents? Surely something as serious as rape/ sexual assault charges take a bigger president over whether he's been "unlawfully" detained or not?

This, to me and many others has put the meaning of the UN under question.

Unless of course, the UN is taking Assange's side because he has some dirt on them, in which he has threatened to "leak" if they go against him.

Guess we'll never know, however, I do know one thing, he was not being "detained", he entered the embassy to avoid being extradited to Sweden for the sexual assault/ rape allegations, and to the USA for his "Wikileaks".

Arrest him, make him face the allegations, especially of rape/ sexual assault, and let him clear his name, otherwise to many of us, he looks more and more guilty.

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