Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Kinder, Gentler Politics?

I'm not going to blame Jeremy Corbyn for his supporters being vile, nasty, and racist, but the ugly side of Labour has popped it's ugly head up ever since he was elected last September.

Corbyn himself is a hypocrite, calling Hamas and other known terrorist organisations friends. He is close friends with ex IRA leader Gerry Adams, and even gave a minute silence to eight killed IRA bombers. As well as speaking at many rallies where posters, and pictures are depicting violence.

Ever since becoming leader of the Labour party Corbyn has said he wants the people to dictate what Labour's policies will be, yet when it comes to The Falklands, where an overwhelming majority voted to stay part of the Great Britain, yet he will quite happily ignore this, and would negotiate with Argentina, despite what the people voted for.

As well as John McDonnell, Corbyn's shadow Chancellor, saying he would go back in time to assassinate Thatcher, and praised the IRA's past demeanours.

Ken Livingstone, an executive member of the NEC, once said that he didn't want rich Jewish people voting for him.

Today on LBC Ken said, in a roundabout way, it's OK to support Hamas as they were elected...... so was Hitler, but it's a taboo to support Nazism (quite rightly)

Hamas kill gay people, kill women who have been raped, fire at Israel from schools and hospitals so that they fire back at the schools and hospitals, then complain about Israel killing their vulnerable.

But it's OK to support them, they were elected.

Corbyn and co have turned the Labour party from a joke, into an ugly, hateful, spiteful party of depressants.

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