Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Momentum Being Infiltrated? Who'd Have Thunk It?!

Don't say we didn't tell you, but the Momentum delegates, members and sympathisers are beginning to realise that it's not all that it is cracked up to be.

Ever since Jeremy Corbyn became Labour leader, people have been warning of small groups trying to infiltrate Labour in one way or another.

Yesterday a few Guardian articles, and blogs have appeared, here's Laura Catriona Murray talking about her worry of small groups trying to get what they want, this blog was shared by Owen Jones on his Facebook:

The thing is people have been warning Labour since September last year that this was happening, and over and over again the only response was "there's only a small number of them, no need to worry."

It only takes one person, as Corbyn has proved, to make a difference, let alone many small groups of people.

The left have taken these people's ambition to get what they want with a pinch of salt, rather like the "moderate" Labour MP's who backed Corbyn so he could stand in the 2015 Labour leadership election.

The Liberal Democrats took their "third position" for granted in 2010 when they promised the world, then when they were in a position to be able to act on their promises, they failed.

The Tories took their 18 years in office for granted, some thought getting rid of Thatcher would get the public on side, six years later Blair won with a landslide majority.

Labour is killing itself, how? Because it's burying it's head in the sand, Corbyn is nowhere to be seen, and Theresa May keeps blocking their attempts to block the government.

The SNP are a better opposition than Corbyn, and that's not saying much about the SNP either, as the weeks go on, the more confident May becomes, the more silent Corbyn becomes.

Will Labour be here after 2020? Not if they carry on in the way the are today, out of sight, out of mind, people will forget they exist if Corbyn doesn't start to act soon.

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