Sunday, 11 December 2016

Is Diane Abbott The Best Labour Has?

Every time there's a chance for Labour to explain itself on an issue, such as Brexit, they send out poor old Diane Abbott.

If she's the best they've got, then Labour are well and truly stuffed, and they've done it all themselves.

Since the Iraq war, and their failure to prevent or soften the blow of the 2008 financial crash, Labour lost a lot of confidence from the public.

Then when Ed Miliband refused to give us an opinion on whether we should leave or stay within the EU, that again lost Labour any trust with the public, especially as Labour are meant to be the champions of the people, yet here they were not trusting the people.

Now they have a leader who is nowhere to be seen, and who we have no idea if he really backed remain, or if he secretly wanted Brexit (which is something he had been campaigning for year before he became leader).

Jeremy Corbyn for some reason has put all his trust into Diane Abbott, and I am not sure why.

Firstly she is incapable of answering a question, she sometimes comes across as though she hasn't even understood the question, which is perhaps why she can't answer them.

Then again what choices does he have, every time he goes to speak someone either interrupts him, protests his speeches, or he gets angry at the person asking the questions.

He can't ask his left hand man John McDonnell because not a lot of people like, or possibly even know who he is.

Then there's Emily Thornberry who accuses people of misogyny when she can't answer a question.

But there is one light at the end of the tunnel, Clive Lewis, who seems intelligent enough not to accuse people of anything if he can't answer, down to earth, and quite likeable, yet he hardly gets any airtime.

Good for Tories, bad for Labour, perhaps Jeremy seems him as a threat, therefore he doesn't want him to get the airtime so people don't turn against him, and want Mr Lewis in his place.

Either way Labour is on a slippery slope to death, it's killing itself in a very public way, and giving the Liberal Democrats the way forward to take over Labour.

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