Wednesday, 30 November 2016

What A Week (Almost)

It's only Wednesday and already so much has happened with the world of politics.

At the beginning of the week, left wing dictator of Cuba, Fidel Castro, died at the age of 90.

The "grief" that the left declared for the now dead dictator was, well to be honest, boringly predictable.

Firstly, Fidel Castro was a dictator who overthrew a dictator, Fulgencio Batista (who actually had was elected as a Democratic Socialist but don't let the left know that).

So here's Castro's wonderful socialist legacy laid bare:

1. You (Cuban's) can't travel/ leave Cuba without the governments approval
2. Move houses without government permission
3. Change your job without the government's approval
4. Have access to internet
5. All TV stations, and radio stations are owned by the government
6. All books, newspapers, magazines etc are owned by the government
7. Not allowed to own a business of your own (unless approved by the government)
8. There is only one union, which is owned by the government (no strikes, no bargaining, no protests)
9. There is only one political party, which is the Cuban Communist Party, which of course of was led      by Castro, and now his brother Raul Castro (who also has never been elected)
10. You're not allowed to criticise Castro or the regime
11. If you were found to be gay you were killed or imprisoned (then again Castro's friends in the Soviet Union didn't like homosexuals either blaming being gay on capitalism.)

Basically any freedoms you had before Castro were totally eradicated, even breathing I'm sure they see as right they can take away from the Cuban people.

That's not been the only thing to happen this week, at last it looks like UKIP have a leader who will stick around a little longer than 18 days, Paul Nuttall.

Paul Nuttall said in his victory speech that he will be targeting Labour strong hold seats, clever move as Brexit won in working class Labour strong hold areas.

We all know Labour's thoughts on immigration, it's fine as it is, despite the fact that we have a huge housing shortage for the people already here let alone the ones who want to come here.

Now I am no fan of Nuttall, I think he's quite vile, again his feeling towards the LGBT community is rather backwards, as well as his thoughts towards immigrants.

However he must have hit a nerve because a day after his victory Owen Jones, a huge Corbyn fan, has already made a video saying how unpatriotic Nuttall is.

Why has Owen Jones been rattled? Because his mate, and leader of the Labour Party, can't be seen anywhere, well except once a week on PMQ's.

Where has Corbyn gone? What is he doing? Has he forgotten he's the leader of the opposition? Is he on holiday?

If Labour continue their deafening silence UKIP will win, and the only person to blame will be Corbyn himself.

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