Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why I Don't Regret #Brexit

I don't regret voting to leave, and here's why.

Yes the pound has fallen, it'll get back up, we all know it, the EU knows it, and so do companies.

However, we are now out of the most undemocratic "union" that has ever existed.

How is it logical, or fair that we could veto the decision of one the countries, despite the will of it's people?

How is it logical or fair that there is no face to the EU? For instance immigration was obviously a big problem in for some in Britain.

Did they listen to our concerns? No. Did they offer us anything that remotely gave into our concerns? No.

What did we do? We voted to leave. Why? Because the EU couldn't careless about what Joe Blogs thinks or feels, or even cares for.

Our MP's wanted us to stay because it meant once their time in Westminster was over, they could have a nice cushty job in the EU, with a better salary, and possibly, if it's even possible, more benefits to them.

What exactly were we voting for when we voted for our MEPs? I'm not sure, I don't know what their uses were other than the odd jibe from people like UKIP's Nigel Farage.

What do MEPs do? What is their purpose?

To me they looked like a bunch of money wasters, and I blame the EU for that.

Parties, such as UKIP, who hardly turned up to the European Parliament, received shed loads of money for having that many MEPs.

I don't regret Boris Johnson making an arse of himself, by pretending he wanted a Brexit situation, when we all know he wanted, and expected, was for us to remain.

I don't regret Micahel Gove not getting anywhere the Tory leadership.

I don't regret making our politicians, who we have voted for, 100% responsible for absolutely everything that happens in our country, once again.

I like knowing it's Theresa May who will either be to blame, or to applaud for out exit of the EU.

Not some faceless "union" that doesn't listen to its members.

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