Tuesday, 25 October 2016

We Need The #Heathrow Expansion

There are a few myths regarding the Heathrow expansion.

Firstly that the north of the country won't feel the benefits from it expanding, this is a lie.

I work for a small firm who's main contract is with Heathrow, 24% of the companies we deal with on daily basis have the HQ's north of the Watford Gap, including some companies based in Scotland.

Telford, Sheffield, Newcastle, Worcester, Glasgow, Darlington, Stone, Warrington, Keighly, Renfrewshire, Derby are to name but a few areas of the country that get business through Heathrow expanding.

Not only will the north of the country, and Scotland benefit for a third runway, but the south too.

Exeter, Swindon, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Essex are to name but a few other areas that will feel the benefits.

These are areas the company I work for deal with, and we are a small company, imagine all the other areas of the country that will benefit.

Jobs will be made, houses will be built, investments will be made.

Also the expense of expanding Heathrow isn't as high as some other ideas, £18.6 billion, which if we add another £10 billion for mistakes (it's Britain, there will be mistakes, setbacks etc) whic tallies it up to £28.6 billion.

Boris Island, the most ludicrous idea ever thought up, could have cost us £100 billion!

HS2 is costing £30 billion, again add on another £10 billion for mistakes, makes it £40 billion.

Heathrow expansion is by far the cheapest, easiest, and most beneficial for the whole country.

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