Thursday, 20 October 2016

Clinton or Trump? Neither!

I have to be honest, I am ashamed at USA right now, out of the 318.9 million people it's Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump who are running against each other to become the next President of the USA, the most power country in the world.

Here we have two people who are beyond corrupt.

Clinton is clever, which in one way makes her, in my opinion, more dangerous than Trump.

That's not only what bothers me about her, she's getting away with someone she would persecute another over.

Her emails got leaked out because she, cleverly, used her family's private email server instead of the secure and official State Department emails, and because of this clever move, her emails were leaked, which she has denied has happened......

What was leaked? "We must destroy Syria for Israel"

Edward Snowden, a man I am not a fan of, leaked vital information, now they want to persecute him, and knowing the USA, possibly execute him.

Because of her last name she can run for President, because of his last name Snowden runs for safety..... fair? Not exactly.

Then there's Trump, a racist, homophobic, sexist pillock, who is rich thanks to his grand father, and father.

He's friend's with Vladimir Putin, which would be a good thing if Trump wasn't as thick, and Putin, should Trump win, would take advantage of.

He see women as a play thing for his own amusement, a bit like Hilary's husband.

Then there's his daft ideas to build walls to keep people out, and have them pay for this wall.

I haven't really listened to the debates between these two because they are the two sides of corruption.

One thick, the other smart, and I can't decide which one is the less evil of the two.... can you?

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