Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Child Refugees

Should child refugees from the Calais jungle be helped? Absolutely!

Should we, Britain, be taking them in, in order to give children safety and security? Of course!

However some of these children who have been accepted, some of them don't look like children.

Now it may be the case, like in mine, where they look older than their years.

If they are children, and they have come from war torn Syria, then yes the travelling and the worrying will have aged some of them.

However, if it turns out that we have accepted adults posing as children, then what about the real children who are being left behind?

What about the children who literally are just that, children of 8 or 10, living on their own, or trying to look after younger siblings/ family members, and are stuck in the Calais jungle because of fraudsters?

When people were talking about bringing over child refugees, I honestly thought I was going to be seeing babies through to 10/14 year olds, not teenagers/ men.

Again, I will re-iterate that these teenagers might be 14 years old, but the circumstances in which they have found themselves has aged them.

Child refugees needing help I am all for helping, adult men posing as such....... sickens me, I hope I am wrong.

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