Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How Low Can They Go?

How low, and vile can the Labour Party get?

Apparently extremely low, and vile. A minutes silence for Dame Tessa Jowell, who sadly passed away earlier this month, was interrupted because she worked closely with Tony Blair.

I am a Conservative, and I would have gladly stood for a minutes silence. Yes on many issues I am sure we disagreed, but I have the decency to respect her views, and respect her as a person.

Corbynista's? Nope, you don't agree with us, we will not show any respect, or any decorum for anyone.

Dame Tessa was a proud feminist, bloody good politician, and from what I have read about people who knew her, a genuinely lovely person.

When will Corbyn, and his followers such as Owen Jones, condemn those who behaved utterly digustingly?

Oh that's right, they won't! Why? Because it fits their agenda.

Yes I disagreed with Blair, Brown, and Miliband, but I had respect for them, Corbyn and co? What's to respect? I am embarrassed that this is what it has come down too.

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