Tuesday, 17 July 2018

The Last Tsar

The last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas Romanov ii, and his family were executed 100 years ago today.

They were murdered by intoxicated, and inadequate executioners, then were further humiliated in death as the "soldiers" defiled their bodies, and crudely cut up for disposal, some where even melted in acid, whilst others were burnt.

Why were they murdered? Despite the fact they had been imprisoned since Nicholas had abdicated as Tsar, the unelected communist dictator Vladir Lenin still feared them..... Pathetic.

I often find myself wondering why anyone has given this so called "revolutionary" any time of day, let alone the hoards of people that still worship him.

Now Nicholas ii was no saint, and he wasn't clever. He was a slightly dumb autocrat who was easily swayed by his wife, Alexandra, who was clever, by tainted by the strains that their son and heir, Alexei, had hemophilia. (Hemophilia is a disease were the blood is unable to clot, therefore a small bump can cause an internal bleed that may never stop and result in death.)

Not to mention that she was on all sorts of medication for many ailments, many of the medicines contained cocaine, it's no wonder a mystic healer, such as Grigori Rasputin, was able to take such a hold over her, and the Tsar, and help bring down the monarchy.

All their judgement were clouded by the fact that their son was in constant danger of dying at any given time, and that somehow Rasputin had the power to calm their every aching son.

Whereas Lenin was consumed by the want of power. Nothing more, and nothing less.

Ironically, there wasn't that much of a revolution when Lenin came. Just like the Tsar, Lenin held all the power, but instead of being called an autocrat, he was a dictator.

Just like the Tsar, Lenin had a secret police. Before they were called the Okranah, under Lenin they were called the Cheka.

Just like the Okranah before them, the Cheka were there to rat out any dissenters, who were put just jail, just as it was under the Tsar, the only change now was who the dissenters were.

"Peace, land and bread!" The dictator cried.

Well, yes Lenin did take Russia out of WWI, however a civil war soon pursued, and things hadn't really changed.

The land he promised he owned, the peasants never got a single part of it. Just like it was with the Tsar.

Famines were widespread under Lenin's Russia. How?

Well rather like the Tsar he reaped the rewards for himself, or the land owners, and if you were a peasant caught taking more than your rationed amount, which was far less then what the Tsar had rationed for, then you were sent to prison.

So when it comes to revolution, I am not sure there really was much of one, except the face changed, and the title to whom was now in charge.

The Tsar and his family needn't have been murdered, it was the act of a coward.

The Tsar should have listened to those wishing to help, he should have modernised.

Sadly for the Tsar Nicolas, his wife Alexandra, their four daughters Olga, Titiana, Maria, and Anastasia, and their younger brother Alexie, down a basement where their executioners stood drunk in front of them, guns pointing, knowing that their lives were officially over.

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