Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Utterly Shambolic

When I think of the Labour Party, I generally think economically illiterate, however good hearts.

That was until Mr Corbyn and his nasty bunch took over.

Apparently, whilst discussing the Anti-Semitic problems Labour have been having since Mr Corbyn's win back in September 2015, they left out the people who are actually facing the problem, the Jewish Labour Movement.

Not only that they allowed someone, who is currently being investigated for Anti-Semitic remarks, to not only stand in last weeks local elections, but win!

The Labour Party is NOT serious about Anti-Semitism, it's obvious Corbyn and his crew don't care that Jews are being persecuted for no good reason, if anything they sympathise with Anti-Semitic views.

Their lack of action on the matter makes this clear.

Corbyn is ruining the Labour Party, he is denying the country of a decent opposition on holding the government to account, and hasn't a backbone to deal with racism within his own party.

What a shambolic bunch of wank stains they really are!

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